Q2 2021

30 BUILD Q2 2021 Best Multi-Disciplinary Property Consultancy 2020 - North West England Swithenbank Property Consultancy is a company working to make itself a front-runner in its industry. The processes that have guided it throughout its 30 years of experience have allowed it to achieve this, and it is committed to the continued betterment of these processes and itself as a whole. multi-disciplinary and professional property consultancy operating out of Cheshire in the North West, Swithenbank Property Consultants are a company dedicated to providing the best value for money for its clients. In tandem with this, it strives to be the most innovative solution for its market, and serves its clients with diligence and professionalism, fostering trust that has carried it into greater heights of success. In this way, it has networked effectively with heavy hitters in its field and ensured that it can reach a wide and diverse swathe of clients. It therefore has experience in property consultancy for a myriad of private and professional clients from the commercial to the residential, and even industrial projects. This has allowed the business to prove its proficiency across a wide range of work. Consequentially, its portfolio has increased significantly over the years, and it grew in client base and notoriety, these satisfied customers went on to recommend it to others. Swithenbank is first and foremost a specialist firm. As far as its property consultancy is concerned, this means tailoring its services to be a bespoke solution for its clientele, a value proposition that sets it apart from the competition. In this way, it creates a highly individually specific service that works across a broad spectrum of sectors, such as local authorities, aviation, commercial, industrial residential, and retail, using processes that are both streamlined and rigorous. Its advice is heavily sought after by such clients during every stage, and it supplies it readily to ensure that the customer is kept in the know. It finds this to be a pivotal part of its business. The advice it gives relates to everything from budget control and programmes to ultimately delivering the project, and thus its project management skills are exemplary. This property management firm has developed a methodology by which it keeps all its activities within budget and to time frame scrupulously, guiding a client from the ideation phase and onward to completion. Its consultancy also handles resource management. Swithenbank therefore is highly capable of displaying its array of competencies to a client throughout its work with them, working with the customer to create a plan that is tailored to specifications, watertight, and well backed up. It therefore takes great pride in its ability to support its clients to the fullest extent. A Aug20552 Its aim throughout any project will be to handle it with first class professionalism. This entails the following of its own guidelines – Swithenbank believes that no element of a project is superfluous, and that attention to detail is pivotal. This has allowed this company to develop services that are amongst the top of the industry, and its many accolades and accreditations back this up. Furthermore, its clients themselves back this up; over its 30 years of experience, it has secured a multitude of contracts that have been fulfilled to a level of rigor that has become part of its reputation. Its services are therefore all known as innovative, proactive, cost effective, and sensible, and it has in the past secured contracts to provide services such as programme management, project management, building surveys, quantity surveys, and CDM-C service. For example, one of its notable projects was for the Bank Fashion Store in Middlebrook Retail Park, with work that included the refitting of a 6230 square foot of retail space. Just one example of its excellence past works, it will be continuing to add to this roster throughout the rest of 2021, determined to only go from strength to strength. Company: Swithenbank Property Consultants Contact: Jonathon Swithenbank Website: swithenbankpc.co.uk