Q2 2021

12 BUILD Q2 2021 Aug20600 Best Instrumentation and Electrical Contractor - Louisiana Merit Electrical is a Louisiana-based instrumentation and electrical contractor serving a broad spectrum of businesses and projects across major industries of the US and the world. We take a closer look at the award-winning company as it nears a staggering landmark moment of one billion projects completed. ituated in Prairieville, Louisiana, Merit Electrical is a full-service, specialty instrumentation and electrical contractor serving businesses within the industrial, manufacturing, and commercial sectors of the US and internationally. By marrying the strength of an experienced team of professionals with skilled technical capabilities, Merit Electrical is able to provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of clients and support them in the efficient, safe, and effective completion of their projects. Merit Electrical’s wide-spanning selection of services encompass Technical Services, System Integration, Quality Assurance and Control, Design Build, and a vast array within Electrical and Instrumentation that includes emergency management, warning and notification systems; heat tracing, panels and sensors; power, controls, grounding, lighting and equipment installation; substations, switch gear and motor control centers; instrumentation procurement and installation; and a myriad of other services within installation and maintenance of electrical systems. The comprehensive nature of Merit Electrical’s service offering lends the company a flexibility that extends to its contract arrangements, enabling clients to choose the option that best suits their needs. Whether it be lump sum, negotiated fixed fee, cost plus, joint venture, or partnership, Merit Electrical strives to deliver its services in a manner that is convenient to its clients, and always with the same guarantee of high standards in project execution and an unwavering commitment to safe, timely, and on budget installations and services. The result is a market driven enterprise that thrives on the repeat business it carries out for clients on a yearly basis and the new business it acquires through new clients gained through a reputation for excellence in services and customer care. Moreover, Merit Electrical’s growth is owed largely to its commitment to continued development of its proficiency in all areas of electrical and instrumentation work. Handling a broad array of projects within industries like Alternate Energy, Oil and Gas, Food and Pharmaceuticals, Mining, and more, the Merit Electrical team employs the combination of a productive management style, vast technical expertise, conscientious client service, and a roster of unique qualifications such as Superior Project Tracking and Scheduling, Proven Supervisory Personnel, and Financial Strength and Bonding Capacity. Central to the core values that drive Merit Electrical is its award-winning safety commitment. Embedded into the daily S operations of the firm, ‘Think Safety’ is more than just a slogan, it is a philosophy that governs every member of the staff as they work together to carry out the firm’s wider corporate vision. From inhouse OSHA outreach and MSHA instructors, to weekly safety inspections, to the compulsory 30-hour OSHA safety course for all project managers and superintendents, Merit Electrical goes above and beyond to ensure it offers a safe and positive working environment. The unity and productivity of the team that is generated by such conscientious core values translates into a progressive and ambitious organization that is always opening the door to new market opportunities. Today, having successfully completed almost a billion projects across the US, this award-winning company is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With the 1 billion completed projects landmark in view, Merit Electrical is one to watch now more than ever. Contact: Tracy Hollier Company: Merit Electrical, Inc. Website: www.meritelectrical.com