Q2 2021

11 Q2 2021 BUILD Sep20014 Sky-High Success For Canadian Developer Yorkton Group International is an outstanding multi-family developer that has paved the way in real estate asset management and development for more than thirty successful years. Earlier this year, Yorkton Group International was recognized as the Multi-Family Developer of the Year 2020 - Western Canada at the BUILD: Real Estate and Property Awards 2020. Today, we take a closer look at the firm to highlight its successes so far. ounded in 1989 by Mr Ben Lui, President and CEO, and Mr Reg Liyanage, Executive Vice-President, Yorkton Group International is a beacon of real estate and property success that seeks to support clients in diversifying their investment portfolios with secure, real estate- based opportunities. For more than thirty years, the company has invested in a diverse collection of real estate interests, including land development, home building, commercial construction, leasing, real estate brokering, hotel management, asset management, and more. Through exhaustive research into property analysis and economic and market conditions, as well as decades of shrewd industry experience, Yorkton Group is able provide sound investment opportunities with minimised risk and excellent returns. From its base in Edmonton, Alberta, Yorkton Group International, operates, as its name would suggest, on a global scale whilst never losing sight of the solid foundation upon which it was first founded. Driven by a vision to contribute to a better society through innovation, sustainable growth, and leadership, Yorkton Group is committed to the creation of long-term value for its shareholders, business partners and employees. Since the company began, it has never once deviated from this tried and tested formula for success. Putting customers first in every project, Yorkton Group prides itself on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with its network of clients and business associates. The group builds these relationships on solid foundations of trust and collaboration that guarantee the reliable delivery of services and standards that not only meet client specifications but exceed expectations. Internationally renowned for being humble, innovative, adaptable, productive, and constructive, Yorkton Group maintains open channels of communication with its clients throughout every project, showing due respect to budgets and timeframes and ensuring success at the first attempt. These assurances of excellence in customer service are fundamental to the award-winning acclaim that Yorkton Group has accrued over thirty years. Today, the company is working on projects across Canada, including a luxury residential condominium development that is strategically located in the City Centre of Surrey, British Columbia. The project calls for two six-storey buildings with F just shy of two hundred units which will be a combination of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and two-bedroom plus-den styles. Investors and shareholders can also benefit from the geographic diversity of projects across British Columbia and Alberta, including the Yorkton Twin Towers and Pacific Mall project. With the Twin Towers rising to thirty-eight-storeys, incorporating 296 residential units, and overlooking a two- storey retail mall in the heart of downtown Edmonton, this is an exciting project that will further enhance the thriving city. Whether Yorkton Group is working on a new construction project, or taking an underperforming apartment complex and transforming it into something that a whole community can be proud of, the firm delivers on its every mandate. Having more than thirty years of experience at the firm’s back means that the future is incredibly exciting, with the next chapter including a rise in developments of high-rise, commercial and mixed-use buildings, and industrial development projects taking greater precedence than ever before. Through it all, the team remains committed to their principles and philosophies, promising to deliver value for their clients through outstanding real estate and property development. Get in touch today to see how Yorkton Group can help you to begin building your investments to achieve sustainable financial success. Company: Yorkton Group International Ltd Contact: Reg Liyanage Website: https://www.yorktongroup.com/