BUILD Q2 2020

41 Q2 2020 BUILD Feb20522 ormed in 1985, PPFGoujon Architectes has been creating luxurious works of architectural magnificence across Europe for more than thirty five years. Each space is radically unique, drawing on everything around it and from those who will reside in it to create a space that is incomparable in both beauty and design. Whether sleek, elegant, and sophisticated, or a very different kind of rustic and homely luxuriousness, PPFGoujon Architectes creates buildings that range in style and purpose, including residential properties, office spaces, media stores, public schools, private estates, and villas. Across France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, and the United States, there are a plethora of properties designed by the firm, each one just as luxurious as the last. As a top quality architecture firm, the goal and values of PPFGoujon Architectes have remained the same since its humble beginnings more than thirty five years ago. At the core of those values and goals is the desire to offer the greatest possible value to clients, in whatever way it can. Every single project is shaped and moulded accorded to the needs, desires, and wants of each client, but that doesn’t meant that there isn’t trust enough to allow the team at PPFGoujon Architectes to implement their own unique vision. Bringing no small amount of architectural expertise to each project, the firm understands better than most the materials and design methods that will secure a property for many years to come. The results are nothing short of exceptional, and are the best possible final product that clients could have wished for. The uniqueness of PPFGoujon Architectes’ services lies in the extent of its interaction with the client and the closeness of the final product to exactly what the client specified from the beginning. From that first meeting and discussion with the client, right through the study of the property’s possibilities, up until the creation and presentation of the final product, everything is done with the clients best interests at heart. The results speak for themselves, exuding luxury and sophistication at every turn. Whether it be the slick and elegant kitchen, outfitted with the latest technology and necessities, or the luxurious outdoor pool that has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood mansion, any client of PPFGoujon Architectes can be proud of their finished property. Much the same as any company, the staff are what make PPFGoujon Architectes a truly outstanding architecture firm. Architecture is a many-splendored thing, able to be awed at in all of its many forms. The beauty of architecture lies in the hands of the architect, shaping and moulding materials and forms into wonderful shapes that can be truly evocative for any number of reasons. There is one such architecture firm that specializes in luxury residential architecture, evoking those feelings of sophistication and elegance. We take a closer look at PPFGoujon Architectes, winner of this years’ Best Residential Architecture & Planning Firm 2020 – France. F Living in Luxury Working in a chilled yet professional atmosphere inspires creativity, and allows the minds of the creative architects and designers to really get to grips with how to make a project as luxurious as it can be whilst meeting the expectations of the client. Every single member of staff is made to feel at home in the office, ensuring that no one feels the effects of burnout. Being a family business, everyone at PPFGoujon Architectes looks out for one another and the client, never dropping the level of service that it offers. With one eye on the future, PPFGoujon Architectes is always on the lookout for more projects to get stuck into, without losing focus on what is directly ahead. Luxury properties are a work of art, and require no small amount of creativity, sophistication, and dedication to bring them to life in such a way that clients feel luxurious living in their new homes. Creating properties that radiate such a feeling is exactly what PPFGoujon Architectes has done on a daily basis for thirty five years, excelling every step of the way. Contact: Ernest Goujon Website: