BUILD Q2 2019

BUILD Q2 2019 94 Mar19074 lease give us a brief, overall description of what your firm does. Nomitech is a leading niche software company spe- cializing in Cost Estimating solutions and operates through an international partner network covering more than 60 countries. Our founders are engineers with real life industry experience and we deliver practical, innovative, state of the art cost esti- mating software which is rapidly becoming the future standard for estimating. We deliver innovative and the most complete cost estimating solutions designed for companies wishing to increase their competitiveness by responding to modern estimating challeng- es, quickly, accurately, with less effort and risk and an increased level of confidence. Nomitech invests in new ideas and help its clients to accurately estimate and control costs to save money and win more work with our cost estimating software, CostOS. Can you go into detail about the areas your company spe- cialises in? Nomitech provides specialist business solutions for companies delivering large projects in the Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, EPC, Utilities and Mining sectors. Our solutions are: CostOS: The most innovative and complete cost estimat- ing software – fast, complete, accurate and reliable in EPC, Building Construction, Utilities, Oil and Gas and Infrastructure. Provides: - True team collaboration and flexibility - Consistency in the estimates - 3D Models and 2D takeoff provides integration with the Estimate BoQ/Spreadsheet and Smart Assemblies that will cut your takeoff time in half. PipeBase is an Onshore Gas Pipeline ‘expert knowledgebase’ that helps Investment Owners and FEED Contractors - quickly turn early designs and project details into accurate cost estimates Staying Ahead Of The Market Nomitech is a leading niche software company specializing in Cost Estimating solutions and operates through an international partner network covering more than 60 countries. Following their success in the Digital Construction Awards, we profiled the firm and caught up with Tolis Chatzisymeon who provided us with a detailed insight into the innerworkings of Nomitech . P - consider multiple options and scenarios, all based on ac- cepted industry standards. Infrabase is an infrastructure ‘expert knowledgebase’ built in conjunction with Arup. COSMO helps you to quickly: - centralize and consolidate your cost estimates and actuals from multiple historical projects, and hence perform quick and accurate Benchmarks. - normalize the various formats, using industry standards, to provide consistent, meaningful insight. We bring fast results, efficient gains and reliability to our clients. Our clients’ reviews gave our product the highest rating in cus- tomer support and we continue to inspire, innovate and create the best Cost Estimating and Benchmarking software. What makes your firm successful? Have you received any significant client testimonials? We provide a combination of estimating, benchmarking and cost modelling solutions. We provide the latest technology for consistent and accurate quantity takeoff for Vertical (BIM), Linear and Geospatial projects. We enable estimators and project planners to collaborate efficiently based on the same information, so that they achieve their goals efficiently. Our solutions have been applied in some of the most challeng- ing and prestigious project all over the world, adding to our experience and ensuring we stay ahead of the market. We have also gained the respect of large software organiza- tions like Oracle, who recommend CostOS as their preferred partner solution for Construction, Infrastructure, EPC and Oil & Gas clients, on a global scale. We are flexible and always there for the client. Our people will work alongside your business to determine what you want and need to achieve.