BUILD Q2 2019

93 Q2 2019 BUILD stablished in 2012, Studio Illumine assists its clients in the implementation of lighting into the built envi- ronment, starting from the concept design phase, following all the way through to the construction commissioning and styling phase. Based in Shanghai, China, Studio Illumine has a team of 10 members who all come from varied design backgrounds and from across the world. Leading the firm, is founder, Azlan Naz- am who has an extensive background in interior design. During the firm’s inception, Studio Illumine began working primarily on the lighting for high-end office interiors. Over the years, the firm began helping to craft offices for multi-national practices such as Mckinsey & Company, Deutsche Bank, and Ogilvy & Mather to name but a few. This was before the firm quickly expanded into retail lighting through their collaboration with Nike on their offices and stores. Not long after that, Studio Illumine expanded their involvement in the education, healthcare, and the public space sectors over the course of five years. With a plethora of successful projects within their ever-growing portfolio, Azlan begins by informing us of the key factors which enables the firm to succeed within a respected, but competi- tive industry. “Experience has taught us that no two projects are alike. Here at Studio Illumine, we believe that in order to produce a suc- cessful project that surpasses the clients’ expectations, the de- sign has to be tailor-made to the clients’ needs and reflect their working processes and culture. Since our inception, we have had the privilege of working with many repeated clients due to this ethos. Many of our clients, such as Nike, have been with the team for many years, and we have been working repeatedly on a number of their projects.” Jan19235 Lighting The Way To Success Studio illumine is an independently owned lighting design practice. Following their success in BUILD’s Design & Build Awards, we profile the firm and caught up with Director, Azlan Nazam who provided us with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the innerworkings of the innovative practice. E Enabling the firm to deliver these extraordinary designs which capture the imagination, is the talented, creative and inven- tive team which forms the backbone of Studio Illumine. When discussing the internal culture, Azlan is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm. “The team plays an enormous role in the success of the practice. As our team of designers come from various design backgrounds, our approach to lighting design is seldom the same, which lends well to the diversity of the studio’s portfolio of projects. Since the lighting design industry in China is young, energetic and thriving, this fast paced world demands creative solutions to new sets of problems. Our ability to provide diverse design solutions plays a large role in our success.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Studio Illumine hope to continue producing innovative lighting design solutions of their clients, which not only meet their requirements but also spark their imagination. Bringing the interview to a close, Azlan signs off by revealing the exciting plans that lie in the pipeline for BUILD’s Ones to Watch in China. “In order to manage our clients better, our team is expanding and will be moving into a new larger studio mid this year. In addition to this, the studio is also taking on the education sector in our continuous effort to share good lighting with the masses. Currently we have given talks and attended conferences on ‘Lighting for Education’, in order to promote the usage of better lighting in schools and higher learning institutions in China.” Contact: Azlan Nazam Company: Studio Illumine Address : WE Building, 218 Wending road, unit B-513, Xuhui district, Shanghai 200030, China Phone : +86 (21) 5419 9303 Web Address: