BUILD Q2 2019

BUILD Q2 2019 76 Jan19630 ounded in 2011 by managing director, Chahid Kair- ouz, the practice has gradually expanded to a size of 35 staff with a healthy mix of international and local backgrounds forging a broad mix of creativity and ex- perience. Focusing on residential and commercial architecture and with over one hundred projects, the practice’s experience in the sector is unparalleled for its youth. C.Kairouz Architects has developed a growing industry reputation for its unique process, project implementation and commitment to deliver high quality projects and innovative design solutions. Chahid is also the director of a construction company and a project management company, both of which have armed the firm with a holistic approach when designing projects, enabling the capacity to understand the motives for all parties involved. This has spawned fortunate opportunities for Chahid to have a hand in the development of projects, where the firm can advo- cate its passion for new sustainability technologies and push the architectural agenda of the project. This unique strength in C.Kairouz Architects’ repertoire works favourably when working on multi-residential projects, and eight years later makes for a significant portion of the firm’s portfolio in response to the booming construction and housing market in Melbourne. A task that would normally be resource demanding, C.Kairouz Architects has a dedicated interiors division, allowing these multi-residential designs to be fully realised and complet- ed in an effective and timely manner all under the one roof. Contrary to typical multi-residential buildings of a similar density, C.Kairouz Architect’s approach is specifically tailored to offer favourable solutions for all parties involved. The firm takes a balanced approach to designing projects, focusing on providing a diverse range of apartments to broaden the appeal and enable the building to cater for a wide range of residents and their needs, therefore making the building relevant for longer. This can mean that the maximisation on the number of apartments is relinquished in favour of apartments with larger spaces that provide an environment to foster a better quality of life for resi- dents. Large, spacious floorplans are paramount, making each apartment feel more like a home becoming a desirable option for those seeking to move into the blue-chip postcodes where the firm’s clientele strategically choose to develop. This approach has been met with outstanding success, with most recently com- pleted project, Spring Malvern, being a prime example. In late 2017, the firm completed their milestone project, The General; the first building in Australia to use photovoltaic glass on the façade as well as a building fabric. The project is a state- ment in architectural design, but more importantly its energy consumption minimisation strategy is now a precedence for all large-scale developments in the area, achieving a combined average of 7.5 star NatHERs energy rating. As a result, the project received wide acclaim both in Australia and overseas. Creating Viable Solutions Now in its eighth year, C.Kairouz Architects is a thriving young practice in Melbourne’s bustling inner-north. F The recent successes of C.Kairouz Architects has led to the in- tegration of local firm WH Architects, who’s strength lies in com- mercial, education and community architecture. WH Architects bring with them a portfolio which complements C.Kairouz Ar- chitects perfectly, broadening the firm’s capacity for excellence across multiple sectors. This expansion of the firm has initiated a second office location opening in Melbourne’s inner-east, due for completion in April 2019. 2019 includes some exciting projects in establishing growth and development of the firm’s portfolio. Aintree Park, a premium multi-residential build, introduces a new level of intelligent living, taking what the firmed learned from the photovoltaic glass sustainability initiatives of The General and are committed to working closely with the supplier to make modifications to the product to enhance its energy efficiency. The building also features the PIRANHA system by SHARC Energy Systems. New to the market, the wastewater heat exchange system is specifically designed for multi-residential buildings. The system uses the heat contained in waste water to raise the ambient temperature of fresh hot water, meaning it greatly reduces operating costs of regular hot water, and promotes numerous energy-saving and environmental benefits. Starbay Resort is the first project of its kind and magnitude for the firm, offering new and exciting challenges. Described as an eco-gallery at its core, Starbay Resort is a project that com- prises of a submerged Indigenous Australian art gallery, large restaurant, day spa facility and a large collection of cabins built into the rockface along New South Wales’ infamous Hawkes- bury River. Although still in its infancy, the project will be one of the firm’s most unique projects to date. Moving forward, C.Kairouz Architects thrives on challenging projects. The firm dispels assumptions and limitations to allow for the best possible creation, because challenging projects yield the biggest rewards; making them a one to watch in 2019. Company: C.Kairouz Architects Web Address: