BUILD Q2 2019

75 Q2 2019 BUILD ncorporated in September 2013, DL Design Studio is an architectural and interior design consultancy, specialising in projects from inception to completion. DL Design Studio approaches design with integrity, focussing on the end user’s requirements without losing any attention to social, environmental and economic context. Taking into con- sideration construction practicalities early in their concepts, the team at DL Design Studio ensure that realisation of a concept is possible. Going into further detail, Daniel begins by informing us of the services they offer and the clients they serve, as well as highlighting the ways in which the team tailor their services towards their clients. “Currently, the main market for our services is primarily regional residential and commercial developers, along with larger businesses who benefit from working with smaller dynamic and flexible architectural practices. Our services vary with the needs of our clients, who are required to respond according to the eco- nomic and social challenges of the region, country and industry. “We also have many smaller clients, such as individual res- idential clients and local businesses who use our skills and resources in order to create ideas and assist them in navigating the processes of design, planning and construction.” Allowing the firm to deliver these exceptional services and surpass their clients’ expectations, is the talented and innova- tive team which forms the backbone of DL Design Studio. When discussing the internal culture, Daniel is keen to explain the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm. “The DL Design Studio team is a group of individuals with a mix of skills and experience. Having such a variation in skillsets is critical to the success of our projects. As industries, economics, regulations and construction methods all grow in complexity, the architectural role within construction becomes further stretched. Jan19644 Creating New Opportunities DL Design Studio is an award-winning architectural and interior design practice with expertise in master-planning, architecture and restoration, working in all sectors of industry. Following their success in the Design & Build Awards, we profiled the firm and caught up with Daniel Lacey who provides us with a detailed insight into the award-winning firm. I “To maintain design quality throughout the process, we need to retain ownership and responsibility, but the huge knowledge base required is too much for a single person or profession. The only real way to retain design ownership is to control as much of the design as possible. Therefore it is important that we have a deep understanding of all elements of architecture and construc- tion – which is something that only a varied team can achieve.” Bringing the interview to a close, Daniel envisions what the future has in store for DL Design Studio, revealing the exciting plans already in place as well as touching on how the team are already active in certain specialist areas. “Moving forward, we have got exciting plans for the year ahead. We are currently in the process of renovating our new office premises in Nottingham, part of a listed building within a historical part of the city. In addition to this, we have also got plans for building our business in areas we really specialise in. We are already active in many of our desired specialist areas of business including: • Residential development (sustainable and socially testing) • Commercial and Industrial development • High-end residential • Restoration and historical refurbishment • Innovation/thermal efficiency “Ultimately, we are not content in accepting the status quo and prefer to be a little disruptive and challenge the norm. As a team, we are passionate about creating a ‘lifetime’ approach to design including considering future needs of society through design flexibility.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at DL Design Studio hope to build on the accomplishments that they have had over the years which includes being selected in BUILD’s Design & Build Awards as the Ones to Watch in the United Kingdom. Signing off, Daniel reflects on what the recognition means for the team and how they hope to move forward follow- ing their win. “Winning the Ones to Watch category this year could not have happened at a better time for us and is a welcome acknowl- edgement for the team’s hard work and integrity to date. Our strategy to take our business to the next level is taking shape. It really is an exciting time for the DL Design Studio team.” Company: DL Design Studio Contact: Daniel Lacey Telephone: 0115 941 4440 Web Address: