BUILD Q2 2019

BUILD Q2 2019 52 1806BU09 stablished in 1996, Geo-Environmental Services Limited have grown from strength to strength since their last business planning period. Geo-Environmen- tal Services Limited offers a comprehensive range of services for a range of developments. These vary from desk studies, through to on-site intrusive investigations, which are used to provide ground models for contaminated land assess- ments, foundation and pavement, road and drainage designs. Many of these services have been newly developed or im- proved over the last five years, and the depth and variety of the services that the Company can provide has rapidly increased during this period. As for the clients, Geo-Environmental Services Limited provides their award-winning services to a wide range of construction related industries serving clients in Housing, Commercial De- velopment, Rail, Road, Utilities, Renewable Energy, Education, Healthcare, Government and other Community projects. Going into further detail about the clients they serve, Mike begins by informing us of the importance the customers are to the Going the Extra Mile Geo-Environmental Services Limited is a geotechnical and environmental consultancy and site investigation services. Recently, we caught up with Mike Brown who provided us with a detailed insight into the inner-workings of the firm and have they deliver their award-winning services to clients. E business and how the team work tirelessly to ensure that the outcome surpasses their expectations. “Customers are the lifeblood of the Geo-Environmental Servic- es Limited’s business, so by striving to meet their requirements and aiming to exceed their expectations, by providing the best possible advice, we have a loyal and valued customer base. As such, we believe in quality over quantity, so it focuses on being friendly and approachable, giving customers the time that they need and properly considering their needs. “This approach is driven by the Company’s board and because it has a very stable core team and the existing management team have all been promoted from within after many years of service with the firm, customer service is ingrained in the Company’s culture. However, the we also understand that it is important to have fun doing your job and that staff need the flexibility to ensure that they have a good work life balance – 60% of the Company’s workforce are now working from home for some or all of the week.”