Q1 2023

27 Q1 2023 BUILD 2023 Design and Build Award Best Museum & Narrative Environment Design Studio 2023 - UK Ralph Appelbaum Associates Jennifer Bell Complex Public Buildings Designs Company of the Year 2023 - Finland ALA Architects Ltd Essi Rautiola Most Innovative Architectural Firm 2023 - Viken A38 Arkitekter Jon Fleischer www.A38arkitekter.no A38 arkitekter AS is a modern firm of architects situated in the outskirts of Oslo, Norway. Luxury Interior Design Practice of the Year 2023 - London Boundary Space Thomas Furse-Roberts Best Architecture Design Collective Network 2023 - Canada LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design Marie-Christine Baillargeon www.lemaymichaud.com LEMAYMICHAUD has worked in a collective and collaborative spirit since 1979, where architecture and design coexist and interact, to leave a strong impression and touch people. Integrating within the same organization, professionals from the fields of architecture, interior design and graphic design, our inspired team has acquired over years extensive experience on major projects, some recognized internationally. With our clients, we develop concepts to mark the present, build the future. Most Impactful Urban Planning Firm 2023 - Denmark Jaja Architects Jens Christiansen Best Architecture & Design Firm 2023 - Nebraska Actual Architecture Best Multidisciplinary Architecture Firm 2023 - Denmark JDS Julien De Smedt Best Architecture & Interior Design Agency - Québec Agence Spatiale Eulalie Lecoq Best Timber Frame Architecture Specialists 2023 - New Zealand Irving Smith Architects Jeremy Smith