Q1 2023

26 Architecture Practice of the Year 2022 - Cyprus CSS & Associates Alexandros Stylianides www.css-architects.com “Our projects are a reflection of our vision for a world in which the blue of the sky and the sea and the green of nature are harmoniously combined. We focus on integrating our creations to the environment - both the natural and the artificial one. We combine the traditional with the contemporary and the sustainable with the functional. By carefully considering engineering, functionality and aesthetics, our projects always respect the practices of sustainable architecture.” Architectural Practice of the Year 2022 - Fife D7 Architecture Isla Christie Most Outstanding Designer of Sustainable and Luxury Home Furnishings, 2022 - North East England Embleton Interiors Daniel Embleton www.embletoninteriors.co.uk We’re a small designer and interiors business specialising in luxury home furnishings and pattern design. Inspired by the natural world, all our products are environmentally friendly and made locally. Best Residential Architecture Studio - Berkshire Design Work Studios Hayley Harding Most Sustainable Architecture & Landscape Designs Studio 2023 - Øresund Region Fors Arkitekter Sofia Fors www.forsarkitekter.com Fors Arkitekter is a Copenhagen-based architecture studio that aims for bringing nature, buildings and people together in a higher unity. The studio works with the belief that we can create more synergy and cohesion in architecture by working with building and landscape together across all scales. In all their work they are committed to create generous spaces that move us, last for generations and are strongly rooted in its context. Best Catering & Hospitality Interior Design Studio 2023 - Montreal CAMDI Design Karine Bannon 2022 Architect of the Year 2022 Design and Build Award 2023 Design and Build Award