Q1 2021

28 BUILD Q1 2021 Feb20096 here is an art and skill behind creating good buildings that fit in with our lives and emerging environmental changes; but many families and companies don’t realise this until they try to do it themselves. At André Rösch Architekt, or ARA, a small team of highly-skilled professionals are thinking outside of the box to create homes, offices and tailored spaces that are adapting to everything from global warning and limited land to cleverly planned interiors for a new minimalistic generation. André Rösch, founder and owner of the young, multidisciplinary architecture firm, explains: “Architects have big responsibilities, they need to be visionaries and evolve to the needs of their clients. How we want and need to live determines the design of our buildings. “People don’t understand what architects really do and what hard work stands behind a good design. As building costs are rising, people want to save on architectural fees and try to do certain architectural stages themselves - until they realise how difficult it is. To create something special is more important for us than making money” adds André. Working in all stages of architecture, from the initial design to final building construction, ARA’s range of small and large projects are serving everyone from young families to public institutions and churches. The company’s work is getting noticed too with ARA gaining recognition in Germany among the Best Houses of the Year in 2019, at the “Häuser des Jahres” awards run by Callwey Verlag. There is a passion for design at ARA and despite being a small company, it prides itself on big ideas. The elite team of architects apply new building methods and functional floor plan layouts along with incorporating sustainable energy using less recourses. “We start on a new page away from traditional conservative build- ing methods; thinking outside the box,” says André with pride. “ARA employs dedicated, passionate and talented designers with the ability to work holistically as every project requires an individual, customised approach. We want to stay small to be able to provide the highest quality,” emphasises André. Adapting to latest trends, ARA has been quick to adjust its building designs to the way people want to live. This ranges from finding cost-effective ways to build amid a backdrop of Breaking Tradition Responding to changing environmental issues and client demands, André Rösch Architekt is a design firm passionate about quality and new ideas. We spoke to the company’s owner André Rösch. T rising building costs and land to develop on becoming increas- ingly scarce. New environmentally-friendly measures by ARA has seen its small new-build family homes include self-sufficient passive houses, green rooves and rainwater tanks that are used for toilets and washing machines. Cross laminated timber or nailed-laminated timber walls are also used for ceilings and roofs, insulation is made from natural wood fibre insulation boards or recycled insulation boards and foundations are made with ground screws, which don’t scar nature and are demountable along with cost efficient. There’s plenty more to keep the architects busy with new design ideas with a generation emerging that has a mindset of minimalism and living in a compact way. André explains that this means having to cleverly plan interiors, like micro apartments, which can use built-in wardrobes to create new space, such as for a guest room. “People want to live healthy, environmentally-friendly lives with ecological building products,” adds André. “While global warming is seeing summers getting hotter, so there needs to be protection not only against the cold but also against the heat in the summertime.” Then there is the rising popularity of prefabricated, transporta- ble homes and the effect of Coronavirus on private, public and workplace lives that will have an impact on future architectural design process. But for André and the ARA architects, the focus remains the same - “It’s about creating quality instead of quantity.” Company: André Rösch Architekt Name: André Rösch Website: www.andreroesch.com