Q1 2021

27 Q1 2021 BUILD he benefits of working with a small company on a bespoke project are clear to see. First and foremost, you can be assured of their undivided attention and commitment to making your dream come true. Those who have turned to Cedar Construction SW have found this to be especially true. In a move that defies its size, the team are able to offer a service that encompasses every part of the building journey. Under the leadership of Director David Thorogood, Cedar Construction SW offers the complete package. Nothing is overlooked at any stage of the construction program, with Cedar construction often being involved with clients and architects from the design process through to implementation, completion and final sign off. With a team that can meet any needs, the benefit of working with them is their in depth technical knowledge. No matter what complexities may arise during construction, the team know how to problem solve in a way that is efficient, effective, and long-lasting. They don’t just see a house; they see a home and understand it is somewhere that will be lived in for many years to come forming an integral part of their Clients life. Nowhere is this better shown than with the Companies work on the Bybrook – Hope Cove project. Here, the team’s ability was pushed to its limits. It was a technically challenging project from the start, with limited and awkward access determining many of the construction decisions. Utilizing a high level of practical skills the team were able to bring the unusual design to life. Confidence in their ability to achieve the unique construction details was part of the attraction for the clients, and the successful outcome of the project was immensely satisfying to all involved. Naturally, on a project like this, the team were in constant contact with all stakeholders. They applied their own expertise to not just bring the design to life, but to suggest ways of embellishing it. The skill involved is reason enough to turn to this talented team, but where they excel is in pushing the process a little further to make it thoroughly unique. With such success behind them, we’re excited to see what Cedar Construction SW comes up with next. Company: Cedar Construction SW Ltd Contact: David Thorogood Email: [email protected] House of Your Dreams When people are looking to build their dream house, finding the right contractor is key. David Thorogood of Cedar Construction SW Ltd is a proven winner in the field, offering clients incredible results that exceed their expectations. The firm was recognised as Best Bespoke Property Construction Company – Devon and Best Rural High-End Residential Project (Devon): Bybrook - Hope Cove, so we took a closer look to find out more. T Jan20525