Infrastructure Awards 2018

Build 2018 Infrastructure Awards 18 5P was founded in 2007, when a group of experienced individual professionals decided to pool their expertise and offer their wide array of skills to government structures and companies specialized in public services. After several years working for the Big Four accounting firms as well as banks, they decided to dovetail their experience in public-sector project management, corporate finance and public procurement, and to bring together their networks of service providers in order to offer end-to-end solutions at attractive prices. Today, C5P’s reputation is based around several components, combining integrity, expertise, availability, responsiveness and effective communication with its clients. From the initial idea through to operational roll-out, C5P will provide its proven expertise and experience to ensure that your public-sector projects are brought to fruition reliably and safely. As a leading player in its field, the company offers the kind of independence, responsiveness and innovative skills that are so highly sought-after by public and private operators alike. Thanks to its broad range of skills, including corporate finance, finance contracts, public accounting, project management, project finance, banking negotiations, the firm is able to cover a broad field of activities, including project finance, such as transactions services, finance modelling and due diligence; public contracts (public service delegations, public-private partnerships); government finance and performance improvement; assessment and evaluation of government policies; as well as innovative funding. The firm’s corporate headquarters are located in Bordeaux and its covers the whole of France, including the overseas departments and territories as well as French-speaking Africa. In France, C5P is one of the leaders in the Project Finance (infrastructures, real estate, energy, utilities). This strong market position is thanks to the firm’s knowledge of both corporate and public finance, which allows the firm to perfectly decode the main financial issues and struggling public bodies positions. As such, the firm’s scope of projects is large, between 10 million euros HT and several hundred millions euros HT. Looking to the future, C5P is keen to move into the MENA and Sub Saharan Africa regions over the next five years, and as such the firm will be offering training, and technical assistance for governments and private companies in infrastructure projects in these regions so that it can grow and provide its award-winning service offering to an even wider range of clients. Best Public Sector Infrastructure Consultancy - France BEST PUBLIC SECTOR INFRASTRUCTURE CONSULTANCY - FRANCE Over the past 11 years, C5P has built recognised expertise in the project financing. C5P’s teams have worked with local authorities on large-scale projects bringing in nearly €800 million in funding over the years, through public procurement consulting, negotiation and monitoring contracts. We profile the firm to learn more and explore the secrets behind this incredible success. C IA180004 Company: C5P Contact: Laurent Cremoux Address: 43 Cours de la Marne, Bordeaux, 33800, France Phone: 0033 9 72 58 85 92 Website: