Home Builder Awards 2022

Home Builder Awards 2022 BUILD 11 Jan22335 ince its foundation in 1977, Parador has developed into a leading brand of premium quality systems for floor and wall design. Its team’s experience forms the basis of this growth with the incentive to continuously develop know-how in all relevant segments, while vast expertise is reflected in the company’s wide range of products. Parador has, since July 2018, been owned by HIL Ltd, the leading manufacturer of building materials and components in India. Committed to the claim to not only sense trends, but to set trends, Parador collaborates with well-known international designers such as Zaha Hadid, Karim Rashid, Alfredo Häberli, and, most recently, Hadi Teherani. Several times, Parador has received prestigious awards for its designs, such as the Good Design Award and the Red Dot Award for product design. Parador products are characterised by intelligent technology and attention to detail. Accompanying production is willingness to develop and ingenuity, resulting in creative designs and installation optics and finishes for extraordinary products that underscore the company’s creative leadership claim. To envision each new cutting-edge concept, Parador’s product developers and designers are constantly inspired by impulsive developments in architecture and home décor, trends, lifestyles, and craft and art. The maxim is: Parador is genuine, innovative and sophisticated. As a traditional wood processing company, Parador is committed to the responsible use of natural resources and sets ecological standards in materials, production, packaging and logistics. It is focused on making its productions climate neutral by 2025 and identified measures to massively reduce carbon emissions. Company: Parador GmbH Contact: [email protected] Website: www.parador.de S Best Floor Coverings Manufacturer - Germany Parador GmbH promises “to make your home the most beautiful home in the world”, having been developing high-quality products for floor, wall and ceiling design for more than 40 years. Its range includes engineered wood floorings, laminate floorings, and resilient floor coverings, as well as wall and ceiling panels, which are manufactured at the German headquarters in Coesfeld and the Austrian production site, Güssing.