Home Builder Awards 2020

17 2020 Home Builder Awards BUILD Feb20002 stablished in 2010, Casette Italia has started to play a major role within construction companies, but not quite in the way that many would expect. The delightful Garden-LOFT that the team has developed proved exceptionally popular with this group of professionals, as well as those who work from home like architects or copywriters, because of its exceptional quality and enviable comfort. The reasons for the company’s success are simple, mainly drawing on the exceptional quality of what is on offer. Casette Italia don’t just offer clients tailormade designs of its proprietary garden-LOFT, it is also able to provide beautiful wooden chalets, garages and garden sheds. Each of these is designed with loving care and attention from an expert team of engineers and architects that work for Casette Italia. Collaboration with clients is key to the success of any project, and the work that Casette Italia undertakes is no exception. Every aspect of the design is adapted and changed to suit the needs of the individual. This means that everything from the internal layout to the quality of the windows and doors, all the way through to the amount of insultation for the roof and walls can be adjusted by the client. The importance of the internal team, therefore, is to ensure that what the client dreams of making is the best it can possibly be. When a client buys a product from Casette Italia, it rapidly becomes the envy of their friends. Most of the market is led by DIY shops, using low-grade materials with little support and standardised designs. It’s impossible to compare these items with the premium market that Casette Italia is designed to appeal to because they are so different in intent and execution. For the team at Casette Italia, the aim isn’t just to create an excellent space from which to work, relax or simply be. It is to combine the practical purpose with a strong sense of character and style. Instead of just acting on a functional building, it must also enhance a location. This way of working is a key part of the design process, with the wood used on all projects being the Nordic spruce. This is because it is not only a high-quality wood that ensures a long-lasting build, but because it is beautiful to see and touch, as well as delightful to live in. A commitment to E Best Garden-LOFT Company of the Year 2020 – Italy Everyone needs a space of their own, and a shed can be the perfect solution to the limitations inside a house. Creating the beautiful and high-quality constructions that others have been raving about are the team from Casette Italia. Each of these gorgeous builds is customised to suit the needs of each individual client. Here at BUILD, we thought it was time to take a closer look at the work that goes into these extraordinary designs. quality is what makes Casette Italia unique within the market, and why people keep buying their products. In other ventures, Casette Italia has collaborated many times with local architects and engineers all over Italy, with the result being a specific product for their end-user clients. In many ways, the future of Casette Italia is best seen through its premium brand KOALA. This way of thinking is one that fully represents the way in which the company wishes to go in. Bigger spaces, such as garden-rooms and chalets are on the cards, so that clients have somewhere to escape to if they wish. With more space than a garden-LOFT, these spaces can act as a veritable home from home. Casette Italia has set the standard for making a space of luxury in the garden. Finding a space for oneself is incredibly important, and giving people the opportunity to find these spaces has been key to Casette Italia’s continued success. Contact Details Company: Casette Italia Website: www.casette-italia.it Premium Product Website: www.casette-koala.it

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