Home Builder Awards 2020

BUILD 2020 Home Builder Awards 16 Feb20179 ormed in Singapore almost twenty five years ago, YZC is a firm dedicated to specializing in the design and manufacturing of infrared and wireless remote control equipment. It is also a part of the YZC Group, a medium-sized conglomerate of companies in the manufacturing industry, but more specifically, the infrared remote control industry. Comprising of four companies, each with their own unique identity and specialization, the YZC Group is committed to providing a revolutionary way for people to interact with their electronic equipment. Since its first day of operation, the YZC Group has worked tirelessly to achieve the status it has in the market today; that of being a worldwide reference in the infrared remote control industry, in terms of product and service quality, professionalism, and innovation. The company’s innovative hardware, its proprietary technology, and its applications and services allow clients to experience high- quality infrared and wireless technology integrated seamlessly into their lifestyle. Amongst the most successful products that have been designed and manufactured by YZC is the renowned and revolutionary Infrared Repeater / Infrared Extender, which has set the de-facto standard for the infrared remote control technology market from day one. The technology is being applied by the company in the creation of cutting-edge audio- video solutions and wireless transmissions. Since 2013, YZC has worked closely alongside Bafx Products in the manufacturing of OEM projects, despite facing strong competition and imitation from its competitors in China. The firm has strived to ensure that its products stand out, not only F Best Infrared & Wireless Remote Control Technology Manufacturer - Asia Pacific Technology has continued to advance at an increasing, and often alarming, rate in recent years. New technologies and electronics are constantly being invented and innovated, but there is a crucial part of most technology that is sometimes be criminally overlooked – the remote. YZC Electronics & Technologies is the worldwide leader in the industry for infrared and wireless remote control technology and equipment. To find out how the firm is making all our lives easier, we profiled it. cosmetically, but also with the most high-quality embedded code to make imitation more troublesome than its worth. Across the last seven years, the partnership between YZC and Bafx has forged such a strong foundation of trust that the products created have become the top recommended on both eBay and Amazon, making the firm the top-selling brand in its respective category. Priding themselves on unbeatable levels of sincerity, quality, and trust, the team at YZC constantly go above and beyond to get any problem solved with minimum stress. There is a swiftness in countering any issues with ideas that will cost the client nothing at all. With the sales team proficient in speaking English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese, there is an effortlessness to the communication that serves to ensure clients that they are in good hands with great assurance. It is this impeccable level of sincerity, coupled with an atmosphere of trust and communication that has contributed strongly towards the current, and ongoing, success of YZC. Looking ahead, the audio and visual sectors are constantly evolving and changing. More and more countries are developing, the use of technology is more widespread than ever, and the demand for high-end products is seemingly insatiable. In what is a global economy, YZC’s commitment to remaining in touch with global events is key to understanding ripple effects on industries. Constant new releases of technology require infrared and wireless remotes that will allow people to seamlessly enjoy their new technologies. Despite this success, and that of being the number one seller in the world already, YZC is not content to rest on its laurels. Instead, the firm is seeking to become the number one manufacturer of IR extenders in the world by 2025. Ultimately, remotes are often one of those things that many of us take for granted in our use of technology today. We seamlessly flick between channels on our brand new televisions without thinking about the tool in our hands that makes it possible. As more people enjoy technology around the world, it is important to not forget the diligence and hard work of YZC in creating remotes that make sitting at home on the sofa even more enjoyable. Contact Details Company: YZC Electronics & Technologies Contact: Philip Limch Website: www.ir-extender.net

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