2019 Homebuilder Awards

2019 Homebuilder Awards Build 11 Best Full-Service Luxury Residential Construction Firm - New York City Highline Construction Group is a full-service construction management and general contracting firm seeking to redefine luxury living in New York City. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Home Builder Awards we profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its vast portfolio of satisfied customers. stablished in 2011 by Mark Dobbin, Highline was created to deliver the utmost in craftsmanship to esteemed architects, designers and property owners in New York’s luxury residential market. Since its inception, Highline has undertaken a wide range of projects throughout the city, aiming to offer a truly new approach to luxury development. Today, the firm’s work is everything blue chip city building should be: detail-oriented, organized with military precision and impressively varied. Indeed, Highline’s signature can be found everywhere from polished Fifth Avenue penthouses to airy Chelsea lofts, and in collaboration with top architects and decorators including Tony Ingrao, Workshop APD, Jenny Fischbach, among many others. With a versatile approach and a diverse array of experience, Highline has the skill and creativity to create truly spectacular properties that will become a key part of the iconography of New York’s luxury legacy. An increasingly impressive portfolio of A-list projects and repeat business with esteemed architects and designers attest to the efficient management skills and superior customer care that has been practiced at Highline since the company first began and remains central to its approach. Thanks to this combination of exceptional skill and service, professional references praise the firm’s careful execution of design intent documents and its team of experienced subcontractors. Clients too appreciate the results but are just as quick to focus on the fact that they always receive friendly client service throughout their project, a quality not often found even in the luxury property development market. Seeking to differentiate itself from its competitors, Highline has made client service a priority, constantly offering clients a truly exceptional level of care that they cannot find elsewhere. The practice’s boutique size allows Mark and senior management to be directly involved in every project from pre-construction planning through completion, and this high level of personalized attention provides meticulous execution of increasingly complex creations. Ultimately, in an industry known for late turnarounds, Highline has estab- lished a new level of excellence by scheduling and completing even the most challenging projects with fast-tracking efficiency and skill. This is no mean feat, and over the coming years the firm will continue to make its mark on the industry and exceed its clients’ ever-rising expectations. E Jan19236 Company: Highline Construction Group LLC Contact: Mark Dobbin, Owner | Website: highlinecg.com

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