Home & Garden Awards 2022

BUILD Home and Garden Awards 2022 6 Jan22655 Best Bespoke LED Light Show Event Provider - London There’s nothing like a lightshow to set off a truly spectacular venue. For those running events, the team at Feeding the Fish are the perfect partners to turn to. Their skill has been put to excellent use in live shows and parties across the UK, earning them success in BUILD’s Home and Garden Awards 2022. We take a closer look to discover more. EDs have become the backbone of many people’s lighting solutions, being easy to run, hardwearing and not running as hot as other sources of light. The team at Feeding the Fish have made it their mission to leverage this amazing technology, with unique light shows for private parties, awards ceremonies, corporate events, sports opening ceremonies and everything in between. Specialising in building LED costumes and props, they have the power to literally put your name in lights. Over the years, the team have worked with some of the most prestigious names in the live-perfomance industry, sharing the stage with Coldplay, Take That and Pitbull, performing with Torvill and Dean and showcasing their talents for the Queen of Spain, Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice. They’ve displayed the names of brides and grooms and celebrated milestone birthdays. The immense versatility of the technology means that the team are able to meet your specific requirements no matter how demanding they are. To Feeding the Fish, every event is one to be remembered, and they know that they can deliver something truly exceptional. The focus is always on the needs of the individual and the team have a long history of working with clients to ensure that the show not only meets, but exceeds expectations. Each of their performances is carefully crafted to fit the event space, number of guests and occasion. As branding and special messages are programmed in advance, there is nothing left to chance. This allows clients to enjoy the event as much as the people who they are holding it for whilst still retaining the wonder of a magical personal moment. Over the years, the team have been involved in many exciting projects, with their most challenging to date working with the ‘Fast and Furious Live’ team to create four LED cars. The cars were programmed to display synchronised video whilst being expertly driven by a team of precision stunt drivers. Having toured Europe, the LED cars have ended up in Dubai in the ‘Harbour Force’ stunt show at Global Village. The build was a complete game-changer for the team, allowing them to innovate on an unprecedented scale. If anything has proven how impressive an LED lightshow can be, this is the project to look at. Whilst this shows that LEDs can be used on a vast scale, much of the team delights audiences closer to home. Recently, there has been renewed interest from private clients wanting to hold bespoke L celebrations within their own homes or at unique venues such as Goodwood House, The Hurlingham Club and Syon Park. Combining the beauty of nature with the power of LED lighting is a potent mix and has provided some stunning visuals. The success of Feeding the Fish comes from their incredible ability to do anything that is asked of them. Their ability to personalise their services elevates them to a leading figure within the industry. We cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Feeding the Fish Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.feedingthefish.com Instagram @feedingthefish