Home & Garden Awards 2021

12 BUILD Home & Garden Awards 2021 Jan21462 ince 1975, Indoor Garden Design has delivered award-winning indoor and outdoor planting schemes for domestic, commercial and hospitality spaces, promoting wellbeing and creating welcoming, attractive environments. Governed by the principles of Biophilia – the term first coined by the psychoanalyst Erich Fromm to describe the ‘passionate love of life and all that is alive’ – Indoor Garden Design is a creative, design-led company that aspires to bring nature back into the workplace. Founded by Ed Wolf and today managed by the three Directors, Ian Drummond, David Grace, and Pippa Robinson; Indoor Garden Design has quite literally ‘grown’ from being a small business which started in a garage, into a market-leading company offering world-class planting schemes. The company collaborates with architects, designers and business owners to integrate plants, botanicals and greenery into offices, hotels, restaurants, homes and events. Consequently, Indoor Garden Design’s work has been seen in illustrious locations such as Harrods, Selfridges, St. Pancras Hotel, numerous Elton John Aids Foundation events and as a multi-award-winning entrant at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Today, as leaders of its industry, Indoor Garden Design has established itself as the premier choice for realising any individual or business’ botanical vision, no matter the scale or complexity. Offering interior and exterior landscaping and planting, festive displays, green walls and artificial planting, all available for hire or purchase; Indoor Garden Design has all the resources needed to bring a space to life. The team strives to stay on top of trends and developments within the industry and works closely with its clients to establish how they can integrate the most innovative horticultural elements into their horticultural vision. Paramount to the successful growth of Indoor Garden Design over the last forty-five years has been the dedication of its team, who go above and beyond to identify and understand the requirements, aesthetics and brand of their clients in order to achieve a garden scheme that suits them. Employing its nationally renowned creativity into each step of the process, from design to installation through to maintenance, the Indoor Garden Design team is determined to be the best in class, both in its offering and in its services. The result is an award-winning enterprise that is constantly moving onwards and upwards. Recently, the team has embarked on some exciting projects, such as an installation at the Amazonico Restaurant in London; which is now renowned across the city for its bursting vitality. Meanwhile, Indoor Garden Design successfully Indoor Garden Design is a multi-award-winning business in London who design and create and maintain large scale planting schemes for both interior and exteriors spaces. These spaces belong to a wide range of clients including corporate, event and hospitality-based companies. We take a closer look at the industry leader, who have ‘greened up’ prestigious locations including London Fashion Week and the Four Seasons Hotel with the best in botanics. S launched its new retail business specialising in the supply and distribution of house plants, pots and accessories across the UK. To a domestic customer. In-Tray Plants was launched by Indoor Garden Design as part of the company’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw many of its clients within the commercial and hospitality industries closing their doors over lockdown. Brexit has also presented its own challenges causing disruption between the company and its suppliers in Holland. However, Indoor Garden Design has worked hard to resolve and overcome these issues, adapting its business model and introducing new initiatives, such as ‘IGD Community’, so as to stay active and relevant to its clientele. IGD Community has been supporting charities and communities across London and beyond during the recent, challenging months, donating plants, and creating planting schemes in inner city areas. The most successful being the donation of plants to Project Wingman lounges in hospitals around the city. Having been proven to boost physical and mental wellbeing, the injection of plant life into these spaces has been highly valued by those restricted to life in the city during these trying times. Indoor Garden Design was awarded its 100th Gold Award at the Plants@Work Awards last year and is this year being recognised as the Best Workspace Garden Solutions Provider of London at the Home and Garden Awards 2021. As the traditional workplace witnesses a revolution, with creativity and biophilic design become more central to happier, healthier working environments; Indoor Garden Design is optimistic about the months and years that lie ahead. As it implements its own sustainability initiatives, such as the introduction of electric vehicles to its fleet, Indoor Garden Design is establishing itself as the holistic solution for greener living. As it drives forward with the same ambition and passion for nature that has earnt its successes so far, we look forward to seeing what the next forty-five years hold for Indoor Garden Design. Contact: Our Biophilic Design Team - [email protected] Company: Indoor Garden Design Web Address: www.indoorgardendesign.com Biophilic Design Best Workspace Garden Solutions Provider – London