Home & Garden Awards 2021

Home & Garden Awards 2021 BUILD 11 operation. Furthermore, Customkit is 100% New Zealand owned, operating with a network of local builders they work alongside for their clients. One of their visions is environmental responsibility. In using local ethically sourced suppliers and designing their products with an eco-friendly mindset at the fore, it strives to keep wastage to a minimum. This ecological focus held within their company sets them apart in their industry and allows them to set the bar high and hold themselves to a high standard. Alongside front-running environmentally conscious attitudes, its designs are second to none in construction; and prefabriced LVL is currently forecasted as being the next big trend in construction and design. Therefore, Customkit is poised in the best possible place to take advantage of this. With expertise across all stages of the design process and having developed efficacy in the use of LVL portals, their services are proved and trusted in the industry. With an optimism for further future success, Customkit is dedicated to continuing in being a leading supplier of stunning wooden kitset buildings, barn with accommodation, barn style homes, house and cottage, stables and equestrian complexes. Company: Customkit Buildings Limited Contact: Tanya Parker Website: https://customkit.co.nz/ Best Wood Building Kitset Company - New Zealand Feb21041 ustomkit saw an open opportunity to produce high-quality pure timber buildings as they felt there wasn’t anything in the market at the time. This spark of inspiration led Managing Director Michael Anselmi to focus on developing a range of buildings that would appeal across a wide target market. A Customkit building is a construction that is built on-site, and fundamentally versatile depending on client needs; it offers a choice between a range of existing designs or custom designs. Customkit are a design and supply company meaning that they are more ‘custom’ than they are ‘kit’. They supply all materials to lockup stage that arrive on site on a day convenient for the client and their builder. It was important to Customkit that their designs allow for the freedom of choice and expression of their clients. They seek to embolden their creativity and facilitate a vast range of people to create their dream home, and the response has been huge. Since it began (with mainly barns), more and more Customkit buildings are being seen around New Zealand, recognizable by the quality of everything from the timber itself to the elegance of the designs. Customkit also allows its customers an active hand in the process. With this business, it really is a case of customer choice how involved they wish to be; during design, construction, and the final phases of the build. The way Customkit work alongside their client’s builder without fuss and in a streamlined manner, right up until the ‘lock-up shell stage’ of construction and further if need be. Many of their clients find that the draw of a Customkit design package is the freedom. With a purpose- made exterior that has been developed to be both aesthetically appealing and sturdy, it lends itself to a wide range of tastes and styles. Customkit finds satisfaction in facilitating this, and therefore its services often attract creative people with visionary ideas of designing their own personal spaces. Their office is located in Pukekohe in the Auckland Region of New Zealand’s North Island, an area also known as the Franklin District. Internally, its staff of 10 work hard to develop new, innovative designs and processes, drawing upon a vast bank of knowledge that is truly enviable in its field. Cumulatively, the team shares over 150 years of industry experience, and it shows in every aspect of its Having been awarded the title of Best Wood Building Kitset Company for New Zealand, it is safe to say that Customkit is very much a leader of the New Zealand kitset revolution. With its ever-growing client base, the company is forever working on its mission to populate the country with sustainable and custom designed homes, sheds and barns with accommodation. C