BUILD - 2019 Home And Garden Awards

2019 Home And Garden Awards Build 75 Best Architectural Drafting & Design Company - British Columbia & BUILD Excellence Award for Project Management - British Columbia Based in Canada, Thomas Drafting Inc. is an architectural drafting and design company working alongside Architects, Engineers, Designers, Developers, Contractors, Realtors, and Homeowners to make their dreams a reality. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Home & Garden Awards we profile it and showcase the secrets behind its success. most overlooked. Whether it be a rendering, animation, virtual reality model, 3D printed model, or 2D plans all of these mediums, have different abilities to communicate the project and convey unique emotions. It is the exceptional level of client service offered by Thomas Drafting Inc. that sets it apart from its competitors in the industry. Every member of the firm’s team takes great pride in their customer service and will meet the clients’ architectural drafting needs in a kind and professional manner, keeping them in the loop every step of the way. Appreciating that time spent in the design results in fewer and less costly changes on site, Thomas Drafting Inc.’s office is available throughout con- struction and the permit process to answer questions that may arise. This client focused approach ensures that every project produces an exceptional outcome for everyone involved and that the clients feels supported from conception through to completion. Ultimately, thanks to its client focus and attention to detail, Thomas Drafting has achieved phenomenal success since inception, and going forward the future looks bright for this dedicated team of consummate profes- sionals. New projects and clients will help the company to enhance its portfolio and gain new experience working on fresh sites and with new personalities. Among the firm’s up- coming projects is a community ser- vice building in Maple Ridge, and Thomas Drafting Inc. will be working alongside the project team to add new units and enhanced services to the area. This development and many others will ensure that the firm continues to flourish over the coming years. ased outside Vancouver, BC, Thomas Drafting Inc. is a small dedicated firm passionate about the construction industry. Initially established in 2010 by John Meunier to address small project plans, since inception the firm’s projects and servic- es have grown in scale and complexity, owing to the team’s commitment to quality and vast industry experience. Thanks to this incredible success, in 2017 Thomas Drafting incorporated and now provides many services in the community. The company specializes in residential and commercial construction. From mixed-use apartments, multi-family townhouses, subdivisions, rezon- ing, urban infill, vacation homes, cabins, estates, renovations or additions, the firm can provide quality, expert support and services that are tailored to meet its individual clients’ unique needs. The team works with a wide variety of clients; Architects, Developers, Contractors, Home Owners, Real estate Agents, and Marketing Teams. Offering a variety of services, Thomas Drafting Inc. can provide Animation, Rendering 3D Architectural printing, UAV (Drone) Models and imagery, Building Permit Drawings, Development Permit Drawings, Application Coordination and submission, secondary suite design, renovation design, and custom homes. Providing such a wide variety of services allows the team at Thomas Drafting Inc. to deploy a different degree of detail on each project, and as such tailor it to the specific needs of each client. Working alongside such a varied range of clients is what sets Thomas Drafting Inc. apart from its competitors. As such, the team constantly endeavours to provide clients with the highest possible level of support and service that will meet their unique needs and exceed their ever-rising expectations. When first beginning a project, the team starts with a tailored proposal and initial meetings to understand the project scope. Moving forward, they then employ various pieces of technology to help with communication. The communication, or consulting, is the most important part and can be the B Jan19078 Company: Thomas Drafting Inc. Contact: John Meunier Website: