BUILD - 2019 Home And Garden Awards

2019 Home And Garden Awards Build 47 Best High-End Interior Solutions Provider - Denmark Thanks to nearly two decades experience in the high-end interior design space, Made a Mano has flourished into an internationally renowned firm that creates unique and beautiful spaces for illustrious clients. To celebrate the firm’s win in this year’s Home & Garden Awards we profile it to find out more about how it came to achieve the phenomenal success it currently enjoys. the Copenhagen head office helps a growing number of ambitious private and corporate clients around the world decide patterns, colour texture etc. Delivering a product that is truly unique Today Made a Mano products can be found in some of the most beautiful private homes, hotels, corporations, bars and restaurants around the world. Alongside its stunning creations in lava stone, the firm also create beautiful glazed terracotta tiles, sinks, kitchen countertops and bespoke tables. Made a Mano has become international trend setters within the global ce- ramic market over the past decade by constantly challenging the concept of how we use and decorate ceramics. Using lava stone for ceramic purposes is an ancient Sicilian tradition, but Made a Mano has pushed the limits of how and where lava stone is used and developed new ways of glazing and decorating the stone. Whilst many have tried to imitate the firm’s unique product offering, clients know that an original is always the best, and as such they enjoy working with this dynamic company, benefiting from Made a Mano’s ultra-professional approach and expert industry knowledge. Made a Mano products are, if not forever, then for a very long time. The clients who want to invest in buying Made a Mano know that they are buying a product that will last for generations. The quality along with the beauty is what sets the firm apart and marks it out as the best possible option for a wide variety of international clients. Looking to the future, Made AMano intends to continue to grow whilst at the same time focusing on ensuring ongoing quality for its discerning clientele. Made a Mano is a very high-end product indeed. Seeking to move into new markets, one of the firm’s projects over the coming years is to design tiles and boards that are more affordable, so that everyone can afford the luxury of beautiful design. stablished in 2001, Made a Mano is a Danish art and tile company with focus on craft, aesthetics and durability. Made a Mano has developed new ways of working with natural stone, glazing and patterns and is today a global trendsetter delivering extraordinary interior solutions for projects worldwide. The bespoke element is all important. No projects are exactly the same and attention to detail matters, as lava stone from Mount Etna Sicily used by Made a Mano is very costly to work with. From concept to finished product E Jan19373 Company: Made a Mano Name: NanaKi Bonfils Address: Made a Mano UK, The Coal Office, London N1C 4PQ, United Kingdom Additional Address: Made a Mano Aps, Store Kongensgade 36 - 38, 1., 1264 Copenhagen K, Denmark Telephone Number: +44 7478 7136 72 Web Address: