Design & Build 2022

BUILD Design & Build 2022 42 18 Q4 2022 Aug22125 Award-winning, London-based T Design Studio & Visualisation Limited is an ambitious and visionary architectural design and planning company. We find out more from the firm’s Founder as it is recognised in the Design & Build Awards 2022. Design Studio & Visualisation Limited (T Design Studio) is an architectural design practice based in London, Fitzrovia and operating in the fields of planning and architectural design. The firm places great emphasis on creating a lasting social, economic and environmental effect with every project it takes on, and always considers its projects in a local, regional and global context, creating societal value beyond brief and client. With a futurist approach and a passionate architectural design team, the firm aims to unlock the hidden potential of its clients’ projects through creative design and planning strategies, making sure clients are able to visualise their project with unique and futuristic presentation methods prior to construction. “To make sure that clients ‘feel’ the project in every dimension, we do present every project at 2D, 3D and Augmented Reality levels,” enthuses Koray Temizsoy, the company’s Founder and Lead Architect. “We do work with clients who are looking for a design solution completely out of the box. Our team is small enough to care and big enough to deliver a unique design and full set of details.” This use of advanced technology is the firm’s USP, however it came about as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. While the world was discovering online meetings, websites and social media, Koray and the team at T Design Studio were utilising the online space in a different way. “During Covid, we completely took the advantage of the digital world to present the projects in a futuristic way,” he elaborates. “After that, clients have a much better understanding and feeling about their own projects, which came as a big advantage to us.” Now, presenting its projects in this is second nature to T Design Studio and from extensions to existing homes, to new build properties, including interior design and architectural planning and regulations, Koray and the dedicated team can offer services to a whole host of clients. T One of the company’s current residential projects is that of Farnham Royal, Slough, which consist of a detached house and large garden space. The proposed design by JSA consists of a 5-bedroom detached house, complete renovation all around the building, garden redesign and an outbuilding at the back of the garden. “The main idea here is to create a much better street view while increasing the habitable spaces with a completely new and unique design,” Koray elaborates. “A key design factor for us is to create levels and layers at the back, symmetry at the front and use glass as much as possible, including a horizontal full-length skylight, vertical full-height glass panels and structural glass bay window, which are all key points of the proposed idea.” Recently, T Design Studio was recognised for its forwardthinking approach to design and use of innovative technology in the Design & Build Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Leading Architecture Design Practice for Innovative Visualisation Services 2022 in London. Koray is understandably delighted by this recognition, however he is quick to highlight the incredible job that his team do in supporting the firm and helping to achieve this award. “Our staff play a big role in each project from start to end,” he states. “They do their research before starting the work and analyse every project in detail. We are always friendly, approachable and reachable professionals. There will be always a familiar voice you can speak throughout your project.” Now, as he looks to the future, Koray is keen to explore another aspect of the business and integrate more sustainable energy solutions into every project and build. Contact: Koray Temizsoy Company: T Design Studio & Visualisation Limited Web Address: Leading Architecture Design Practice for Innovative Visualisation Services 2022 – London