Design & Build 2021

29 Design & Build 2021 BUILD 6 BUILD Q1 2022 Sep21159 Building With Our Future In Mind Established in the North Shore, Columbia, Cascadia Green Development LTD is a development company aiming to enrich communities by respecting the environment, society, and economics. Recognized in the awards as the Best Sustainable Construction Company in BC, Cascadia Green strives to create a sustainable, community lifestyle through the quality of its innovation and designs. ith a passion for strengthening communities, Cascadia Green Development draws upon the three principles of sustainability: society, environment, and economics. By respecting and working with the existing community, Cascadia Green seeks to enrich the neighborhood and has been chosen by the City of North Vancouver to be part of a new innovative program for development. The company uses its innovative design and strives to minimize the impact on the natural environment. CEO Farzad Mazarei explains, “Respecting the environment begins with innovative design. Not only to create buildings that respect the fabric of the communities we work in but to use the most advanced innovations in design and construction to respect the natural environment.” Moreover, its commitment to the best business practices pushes Cascadia Green to respect all aspects of development, from investments through to affordability. “At Cascadia Green Development, we believe in a broad appreciation of economics as prosperity, not only in financial return but in how we can enrich people’s lives in how and where they live, work and play,” states Farzad. At Cascadia Green, its in-house team of professions has immense passion and creativity that leads them to take on all phases of the development process, from land acquisition to rezoning subdivision and construction management. Providing competitive housing prices and successful and profitable partnerships has given Cascadia Green a reputation that is recognized globally. “From the first home we built, we knew it would take a committed team to share and realize our vision. Today, we are proud of the community of development professionals we have built - from urban planning professionals, designers and architects to construction and administration professionals,” states Farzad. Additionally, its team of international perspective allows Cascadia Green to create its unique brand for sustaining communities. By drawing upon its practical expertise, the company can blend leading-edge technology and innovation to generate respect throughout the neighborhood and with those who live in these homes. To build a great place takes dedication, passion, and an immense amount of skills. Therefore, its development managers and construction professionals ensure its projects will provide a solid return on investment while creating accessible homes and affordable living. W The overall essence and heart of the entire foundation of all Cascadia Green’s projects are to create places that sustain the natural environment and encourage cultural diversity in an affordable, economically viable setting. However, the impacts of Covid-19 have affected many businesses alike with the way people work, live and socialize now. The company has decided to innovate its approach to providing homes to address the new needs of its community and from the after-effects of Covid-19Farzad explains, “We’ve taken this as an opportunity to reimagine how we create homes so that we can meet the new needs of our residents. The world has changed dramatically since the spring of 2020, and at Cascadia Green, we have a team with the passion for turning challenges into opportunities.” Currently, the company is undergoing the development of a flagship property – Innova. The backbone of this project is to create homes where people will be able to work, live and have community amenities that will support the neighborhood with facilities ranging from lifestyle to professional. Moreover, the current focus for the company is to provide more accessible homeownership opportunities by residents by creating a mix of options to meet the needs of buyers. Overall, Cascadia Green aims to develop achievable, sustainable, and innovative home buildings and its work within the industry have turned the company into Metro Vancouver’s top company within the market. The future is Green for Cascadia. Company Name: Cascadia Green Development LTD Web Address: