Design & Build 2021

BUILD Design & Build 2021 28 15 Q4 2021 BUILD Sep21398 A Thrilling Development When in need of a change, an extension, or any kind of development, searching for an architectural design company that will work through designs tirelessly can become a tiresome task in itself. However, this is not the case with Design Spec Ltd, which has recently won Leading Architectural Design Group, 2021 - United Kingdom. Here we talk to Managing Director James Collinson about its success. ith its head office based in Hockey, Essex, Design Spec Ltd is a fixed fee architecture company that has customer service at the forefront of its solutions. It believes that a great service should be provided on a fixed fee basis, nationally. This mission drives it forward in all of its endeavours and pushes it to reach more customers that desire something astounding. Having offices scattered around from Richmond to Enfield, Hertfordshire to Colchester, and more, Design Spec has all the tools required to build something perfect for a wide variety of singles, couples, and families across the UK. Modern, fresh, and open spaces happen to be its forte and it is dedicated to producing the best extensions, conversions, and developments on the market. Managing Director James Collinson tells us of its unique selling point. “We can work on all projects from commercial properties, blocks of flats right down to a single internal steel beam or visuals. We are different to our competition as we provide any service, any size for a fixed fee. We also provide an unlimited design stage for all homeowners. This has been a game- changer for single-family projects as they tend to struggle to know exactly what they want, so an unlimited design stage is necessary for us and them to truly bounce enough ideas for us all to feel comfortable pushing the project forward,” he says. Design Spec’s Virtual Reality equipment makes for an original experience. Customers can witness what their home would look like after an extension, conversion, or development, all with the power of the Oculus Rift S coupled with Design Spec’s powerful software. By using this kind of technology, designs can be manipulated and changed down to the tiniest detail. Throughout COVID-19, James shares, “Our most notable improvement has been in the uptake of new technology such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Prior to Lockdown, these services seemed to be an afterthought and very much a luxury, now, they seem to be considered alongside the Planning and Building Control applications which you may call our bread- and-butter work.” This is something that is most definitely going to stay, as it has proven to be entirely successful and popular with customers everywhere. When it comes to its team and the people that Design Spec hires, it aspires to have a team of Architectural Project W Managers that “come with an over dominance of experience in the field and an underwhelming ability to simply listen to a client’s needs. By hiring Project Managers with a limited design background, we ensure that their people skills are above all other traits, meaning our clients love speaking to us and ultimately leaving us amazing reviews,” James adds. In the future, Design Spec is doing all it can to maintain a fixed fee service and now that it has your attention, James adds, “We would like all readers to join the Architectural Revolution today. Help us spread the fixed fee architecture service to the entire country. As we approach 2022, we would like to partner with more surveying companies and continue our push towards the Midlands and then the North.” For a unique experience, coupled with cutting-edge technology, find Design Spec doing what it loves. Contact: James Collinson Company: Design Spec Ltd Web Address: