Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

77 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 76 SN was founded with the purpose of contributing to implementation of open standards in the industry. From 1997 the organisation has been an open, relevant and inclusive arena that works for a more efficient industry. Alexander Brage Hansen, Managing Director of bSN, tells us more. “Here at bSN, we offer a professional network, the possibility to contribute to open standard implementation and openBIM in construction and building projects,” he begins. “Our professional network exists to exchange knowledge and experience. Groups of experts from the community engage in this neutral setting for better alignment and working. With this approach, buildingSMART enables its community to address industry challenges and find solutions based on open standards. “The network approach, demonstrated through our working groups and topical rooms, are key to anchor the discussion in multiple companies and to gain valuable input from several experts at a time. Value creation and community participation lies at the core of our projects and activities, aiming for outcomes that benefit the entire industry.” bSN has been involved in several important projects together with its members. From 2019, it has been involved in a large project with the Norwegian Public Road Authority (NPRA). “The first phase of the project was concluded in June 2020,” Alexander informs us. “The project had the purpose to digitise the V440 Bridge Classification manual and make it machine- readable. The use case of the project is the Bjørnafjorden bridge project, and the final purpose is to create a dashboard (Open Live Center) for project control and analysis. Best Sustainable Built Environment Information Sharing Platform 2020 Incepted in 1997, non-profit organisation, buildingSMART Norway (bSN), promotes digitisation in the building and construction industry. bSN is not only a chapter under buildingSMART International, but also has more than 140 members that embraces its vision and philosophy. With a supportive group of individuals working tirelessly to deliver an impeccable service, we took a closer look at how bSN established a reputation in the industry as being one of the best sustainable built environment information platforms operating today. b Sep20451 “The project has been a success both in regard to stakeholder involvement and because of the innovative technology used.” The Norwegian construction industry is facing a massive change. It is the nation’s largest land-based industry, contributing about 40% of the CO2 emissions. There is a massive shift happening such as digitisation, and emission- free construction sites and life-cycle analysis have become everyday conversation. This is followed-up by initiatives from small and large companies throughout the industry, all aiming to make the construction industry a major part of the solution in the green shift we all are going through. Working within a diverse industry, bSN searches for collaboration instead of differentiation, as Alexander explains more. “Being true to open international standards is our unique selling point. The ability to empower our members by them gaining knowledge of the latest developments of the standards and understanding how they can implement them in their own projects, is a differentiating quality for them.” Regarding the future, bSN will bringing its vision forward – working for open standard implementation and a more innovative, digitised and open construction industry. “Looking ahead to what the future holds, we see a growing interest in our activity and are looking forward to expanding our member base in 2021. Ultimately, bSN will continue!” Company: buildingSMART Norway Contact: Alexander Brage Hansen Web Address: Best Construction & Industrial Survey Team – Greece & Most Outstanding Construction Survey Project (Greece): SNFCC - Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre ounded in 2001 as Alexandros Karditsas & Partners – Surveyor Consultants - AKSM was created to provide turn key solutions implementing surveying tools in the technical field of both stydy and construction sector. Since then, the firm has grown, developing neglected practices in Greece such as Aerial Mapping, Scan2Bim, VR, and underwater surveys. Today it is a leading consulting company of experienced engineers who implement advanced surveying technology and computerisation to provide complete surveying services for both the public and private sectors. With nearly two decades of experience and a dedication to the latest technologies, dependability, total accuracy and quality, AKSM is well-versed in the measures taken to achieve their primary goal; complete customer satisfaction. Accordingly, AKSM employs tools that will minimise costs whilst maximising productivity, reviewing their complete services and ISO processes to ensure they are operating at their most efficient and effective level. From the initial design stages to the commission of the final operation, AKSM’s highly skilled and well-trained team works closely with clients to achieve their desired outcome and to exceed their expectations. AKSM offers expert consulting services that incorporate special surveying applications throughout projects and provide accurate and updated field data to all planners, whilst also offering advice based on the financial, technical and operational requirements of each project. Specialising in the provision of 3D laser scanning and measurement data services, AKSM also assumes overall coordination of the pre-construction period of a project, managing the flow of information between the firm’s office, the construction site, the clients and the constructors. AKSM is currently working on sites across Europe, Asia, United States and beyond, adapting and updating their approaches in keeping with the range of construction cultures in the different markets. Regardless of the location, however, the AKSM team always apply a step-by-step process that enables transparency and clarity regarding client requirements. Using a self-certified surveying mechanism that uses data exchange tools, cloud servers and the most cutting-edge software and hardware, AKSM provides turnkey solutions crafted and delivered by their excellent staff. After all, the latest technology is only so good when not in the hands of experts driven by innovation. Thriving on teamwork and an overwhelming dedication to professional improvement and progression, the AKSM team undergoes regular, rigorous training through seminars and workshops to ensure they are up to date with both established practices and the latest developments within their industry. By ensuring their staff are positive, motivated and well-informed, AKSM is able to guarantee the highest standards of service in every project. Despite the global pandemic, AKSM remains busy with projects all over the world, each presenting their own unique challenges. However, projects such as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre under Impregilo Terna JV, in which the firm employed twenty-four surveying crews, has earned AKSM global recognition for their skills in construction. The project required a full range of surveying services in addition to the surveying services for the SNFCC Canopy the largest ferrocement construction ever built, consisting of 800 ferrocement panels. A high accuracy application during preconstruction and erection period was applied to meet the client’s needs and specs, whilst a method of statement services was also provided concerning preconstruction and erection period. In addition a demanding monitoring plan was created and applied during liability period implementing remotely control and data exchange tools to calculate daily deformations. With so many minute details coming together, AKSM was delighted to pull the project together seamlessly. AKSM is always looking for new ways to upgrade their services, and as one of the largest firms in BIM and construction projects, the firm has recently been able to incorporate Virtual Reality applications and deliverables into their already extensive offering. This technology was implemented in the firm’s recent SCAN2BIM service for a cement factory in Serbia or in hotels around Greece, as the client and technical team wanted to avoid travelling, in light of the current global climate, AKSM was able to use their VR services to “transfer” the site and project remotely and safely. As AKSM continues to roll out technological advancements and develop its offerings for clients, there is no doubt that the firm is looking ahead with optimism. With projects underway and in the works all over the world, the future will undoubtedly be (promising) busy and (prosperous) for AKSM. Contact: Alexander Karditsas Company: A. Karditsas Surveying & Mapping AKSM Web Address: F Operating in sites all over the world, AKSM, the Athens-based surveying company of experienced engineers, is a leader in the implementation of advanced technology and computerisation of surveying services within the public and private sectors. As the firm celebrates its recognition for exceptional customer service and outstanding projects, such as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, we took a closer look at the thriving organisation. Aug20686