Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

73 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 72 ith a team of passionate garden design and maintenance specialists, LOAM is enthusiastic about creating an outside space that works for you. To begin with Keith provides us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into the client base it typically serves. “At LOAM, a grassroots approach really underpins everything that we do and as a design, build and maintenance company, we are unique from other landscaping businesses. From the beginning, we work with the client, bringing their needs to life. Having an in-house designer means planning is a big part of the service. Although we design ourselves, we also work with a lot of other local designers to bring their client creations to life. Having a design eye means we work with them seamlessly on the build, collaborating together. “From the outset our core value has been to build sustainable gardens that are tailored to the client, taking away the stress of creating an outdoor extension of your home, somewhere to be enjoyed and to nurture through the years.” Before undertaking any new project, the selection of plants is an important factor to consider, not least because some are seasonal and others grow all year round. Moreover, as Keith goes on to explain, a client focused approach helps in this regard. “Working closely with the client and making sure their expectations are met is the most important thing. The design must seamlessly fit into the surroundings and grow with the home for years to come. Choosing the right plants is hugely important, not only for the client to maintain, but also to make sure plants do not grow too big or too small and using plants that we know are unproblematic, i.e plants that are not going to need regular chemical treatment is key. Best Garden Design & Maintenance Company 2020 - Hampshire Based in Hampshire, LOAM is a leading garden design & maintenance company who have been serving clients across the region since 2018. Following their success in the Construction & Engineering Awards 2020, we got in touch with Keith Simm to find out more. W Oct20056 “Large or small, rural, or urban, experience has taught us that creating a great garden is all about creating a “sense of place”, and 2020 has provided us with a chance to pause and rethink our busy lives, bringing our attention back to nature. Gardens have become an extended part of the home where we have been able to spend time with loved ones at a safe distance, so the surroundings in which we welcome our guests has been hugely important both on a practical level and visually.” During the early stages of COVID-19, the closure of businesses initially affected the progress of some of the firm’s projects. However, with the pandemic giving the firm time to assess their chosen suppliers, they opted for local businesses, which now keeps any unnecessary shipping to a minimum, as Keith explains further. “Using local suppliers means not only are we supporting local businesses, but we are also helping to reduce our carbon footprint and from an environmental point of view, that has to be a good thing.” In the field of garden design, competition in the Hampshire area is fierce, with many landscaping companies able to offer their expertise to clients. Moreover, as Keith points out, making sure the correct training has been provided to staff has been a key factor behind the firm remaining at the forefront of the industry. With so many now working from home people have been forced to revaluate their priorities, and as Keith goes on to explain, there is now a much bigger demand for their services. “Sometimes improving the home and garden can be overlooked by holidays or other lifestyle needs. Having a space to relax in, away from screens and the news has become a high priority, so in-turn much like the DIY sector we are seeing an increasing demand.” Finally, Keith comments on the future of LOAM, sharing one or two plans that are in place for the coming year and beyond. “Further ahead we are hoping to expand our team of experts and sustainable practices such as finding local expert planters that don’t use plastic. Additionally, our new list of suppliers should also enable us to reduce our waste and in doing so eliminate the common practice of over ordering” Company: LOAM Contact: Keith Simm Web: Architectural Glazing Systems Manufacturer of the Year - UK & Ireland stablished in 1975, Alucraft has grown to become a leader in the design, engineering, manufacture, installation and maintenance of architectural glazing systems. Over the past forty-five years, Alucraft has contributed to some of the most complex and iconic projects across Ireland and the UK through collaborations with clients, architects, consultants and main contractors. With a strong and experienced team of over 200 people across Ireland, the UK, Poland and the Philippines, Alucraft has overseen the delivery - from design conception to project completion and ongoing maintenance - of projects up to a value of €30m. ‘Reflecting Excellence’, the company’s philosophy, encapsulates the dedicated and quality-focused team’s approach to establishing exactly what the client is looking for from their project, ensuring all those involved know the desired outcome and can work towards achieving this through the necessary tweaks and adjustments. Consequently, integral to the Alucraft process is a very detailed programme and reporting progress to all parties on a biweekly basis, an idea that has resulted in consistently successful projects. Whilst sticking closely to the programme and client’s specifications, Alucraft is boundless in creativity and innovation, seeking out the projects that present challenges and push the boundaries of architectural glazing and design. In 2019, for example, Alucraft completed work on One South County, a Grade A LEED Gold office building situated in Dublin that incorporated a ‘Veil’, a complex geometric feature which culminated in an outstanding façade. The ‘Veil’ mimics a reflective hanging curtain in front of the building, softening the sharp, angular features usually seen on architectural buildings. The ‘Veil’ had to seamlessly cantilever into a balustrade and side skirting to ensure the flowing material effect of a curtain was achieved with no visible structural ties or fixings to the building. This required extensive pre-construction work by Alucraft to ensure that the bespoke design worked both structurally and aesthetically and consequently, the expertly implemented glass and glass technologies gave the veil complete transparency. The result was a floating veil effect that is unparalleled by another building in the country. Innovation and excellence in projects such as these are testament to the strength of the Alucraft team. Dedicated, creative and passionate, Alucraft proudly declares itself the strongest team in its field, outstripping the competition as the partner of choice through consistent training, motivation and drive to deliver the firm’s vision for the future: to be the employer and specialist façade contractor of choice in the UK and Ireland. Accordingly, Alucraft takes pride in having been accredited with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems since 2016 in recognition of their on-going commitment to quality, training and continuous improvement. In 2019, Alucraft sought to broaden its accreditations to cover Health and Safety and Environmental Management, and consequently gained the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety and the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management accreditations to consolidate their dedication to the organisation’s corporate social responsibility policies. In the same year, Alucraft added to its Continuous Improvement Programme by updating its Vision and Mission Statements in correlation with the firm’s ambitions for growth and development. Accordingly, Alucraft also revaluated their core values, recruiting a committee made up of staff across the organisation to set out new values that represent the Alucraft company culture. After many conversations and deliberations, Alucraft set forth its new Guiding Principles: Inspiring Behaviour, Respect the Individual, Innovate for the Future, Excellence through Pride, a Healthy Work Life, One Team, Our Backbone, and Fun Working Environment. These updated values will underpin the success of Alucraft’s vision for the future, which currently consists of many long- term projects, some of which are already in the initial stages of design, a promising prospect that will carry Alucraft through what are undoubtedly uncertain times. Alucraft is now proud to be part of a large network of organisations such as EAG and Waterlands, that sees the delegating of portions of large projects according to expertise to maximise leverage and deliver goods and services at the highest standards. As part of this collaboration, and with a new group CEO soon to be at the helm, Alucraft is anticipating involvement with major projects across the UK, which will present opportunities to further develop Alucraft’s unparalleled reputation. Contact: Áine Hargadon Company: Alucraft Ltd. Web Address: E Despite operating in a heavily saturated industry, Alucraft is distinct in its commitment to innovation. Constantly seeking out the most challenging projects and transgressive designs, Alucraft has been delivering architectural glazing systems renowned for ‘reflecting excellence’ for forty-five years. With the help of its highly trained and professional team committed to creating healthy, bright and comfortable internal spaces, Alucraft is fast becoming the specialist façade contractor of choice in Ireland and the UK. Sep20004