Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

67 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 66 ounded in 2007, Eaton Drafting (E.D.) is the leading specialist adviser for the design and documentation of built assets and BIM projects across the capital. To start, Ken provides us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical clientele. “As BIM processes have developed, we decided to start up a consultancy service to help ensure all the benefits of BIM are achieved, including reduced costs, reduced errors on site and reducing the build time. Simply put, we like creating better builds. Over time, we have been privileged to work on projects around the world, ranging from small residential extensions to world class, award winning, landmark buildings. As a whole, we are focused on seeing ideas and visions come to life and to be built in the real world.” E.D. have been involved with two sports stadiums in London and as Ken goes on to explain, focusing on the end result has been key to the success of these projects. “Contributing to the iconic Warner Stand in Lord’s Cricket Ground, we were involved in the early design, including the timber roof structure. More recently, we have worked on Brentford Community Stadium, working in the team with ARUP and using BIM in the project. As with all large developments, this was never going to be a solo effort and there were many great people working on the project that made the delivery successful. For us, it is always wonderful to see something that you have worked on become an asset to a community and benefit the public in general. “In all of our projects we always keep the end use of the building in mind. Typically, we hear a lot of BIM consultants get so involved in the digital build and virtual side of the project that they can lose focus on the fact that this will be a physical building. Using BIM to create the best constructions and management of a built asset, we focus on true design collaboration and coordination in an open and transparent process.” Best BIM & Building Design Consultancy – London & Excellence Award in Design Documentation - London Based in London, Eaton Drafting Ltd have assisted Architects and Engineers with their CAD and documentation needs since the beginning. Following their success in the Construction & Engineering Awards 2020, we got in touch with Ken Eaton to find out more. F Aug20304 BIM is no longer a new process but there are still many that have not incorporated it into their business and design process. As a result, as Ken goes on to explain, E.D. have the expertise to further assist these companies with this matter. “We aim to help demystify BIM and explain things in plain English. It would be very unfortunate to see many of the SME and micro firms start to be pushed out of the industry if they have not adopted BIM into their company. It is not just a better way of designing; it can be much more efficient once the processes are implemented.” In today’s competitive construction and engineering world, trying to differentiate yourselves from your closest rivals can be a tall order, however as Ken points out the firm have great experience and knowledge which they can call upon. “Generally, our experience gained from being involved in the design of over £2 billion of physical buildings around the world has given us a great knowledge base to share with others. By keeping up to date and gaining knowledge from official professional bodies in the industry, we have remained one step ahead. On an individual basis, I have also gained the BSI BIM Practitioner badge from the master courses in ISO19650-2, PAS-1192-3 and BS1192-4.” Finally, Ken signs off by sharing one or two plans the firm have in place for the immediate future, looking ahead to 2021 and beyond. “As a very small firm, we are looking to grow and partner with more developers and designers in the industry. There are still many large firms that we would also like to partner with and provide a better design experience to. Moving forward, we believe the housing market can greatly benefit from the use of BIM and transform the industry.” Company: Eaton Drafting Ltd Contact: Ken Eaton Web Address: Best Disaster Restoration Firm - Ontario eda Restoration is the family-business that has been providing excellence in cleaning and restoration services since 1995, when Brenda and Matthew Molson first started operating out of a basement on Leda Avenue in Mississauga. After each gaining twenty years of experience within the insurance industry, they decided to pursue their vision of owning a company built on quality workmanship, value and strong relationships. Through service and reputation, their vision holds true to this day. Today, Leda restoration provides professional and experienced services in emergency response and property restoration twenty- four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for fire and smoke damage, water and sewage damage, storm and impact damage, large and commercial losses, expert mould and asbestos removal, infection control services and indoor air quality solutions. As Brenda’s experience as a Fellow Chartered Insurance professional and Matt’s qualifications as a Master Restorer work in cohesion, Leda is able to contribute an unrivalled understanding and partnership of the insurance and restoration sectors. Therefore, throughout the process of every project, Leda’s expert team prioritises quality service, workmanship and meticulous attention to detail as they work with a ‘mitigation first’ mentality. This means that the Leda team’s first action on any project is stabilizing the property as quickly as possible. As a result, Leda’s use of speciality equipment and techniques means property damage can be cleaned, dried and restored without any further impacts on a home or business, which would later turn out to be costly and even more disruptive. Brenda, Matt and their team also believe in the importance of educating their clients as part of the process, not only ensuring the client is able to make decisions and stay in control of the project, but allowing them to make their own informed decisions if faced with adversities later on. This means that a property can be stabilized as far as possible after being damaged before Leda’s response team even arrives on site, minimizing further damages and additional costs. Whilst the global pandemic has meant the temporary or even permanent closure of many businesses across the globe, for Leda, it has proved as busy a period as ever. As businesses return to the offices that have been closed since early 2020, they are discovering property damage such as mould growth or water damage that needs dealing with urgently. Other organisations are finding themselves in dire need of Covid-19 infection control services such as deep cleaning and application of hospital grade and EPA approved disinfectants and microbe shield protection. Leda has the necessary tools to deal with all these instances effectively and efficiently so that their clients can get back to business and stay in operation. To ensure Leda can continue growing and developing at the same rate it has done over the past twenty-five years, the organisation continually strives to update its world-class training and certifications. Consequently, Leda is a founding member of the Elite Mitigation and Restoration Group (EMRG), a united network of restoration companies across Canada who are all committed to delivering quality workmanship, exceptional service and the highest level of professional ethics to their insurance, commercial and residential customers. As such, Leda is able to guarantee customer satisfaction for every project that leaves their clients happy, satisfied and thinking, ‘problem solved!’ Contact: Matthew Molson Company: Leda Restoration Company Ltd. Web Address: L Leda Disaster Restoration Specialists have been the residential, commercial and industrial property damage restoration and cleaning experts of choice since it first started operating in 1995 in Mississauga, Ontario. With years of industry knowledge, quality workmanship, value and a devotion to customer satisfaction, when you think of Leda Restoration, you can only think: Problem Solved! Aug20530