Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

57 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 56 amill Homes may be a high-end enterprise committed to developing luxury properties, but fundamentally, they are a family-run business devoted to building homes for other families. Headed by Kevin Hamill and built on decades of world-class industry experience, Hamill Homes designs and builds new build homes in premium locations that are delivered with outstanding customer service, either for sale to the luxury market or bespoke for clients interested in buying off plan. Whereas many developers or construction firms prefer to build as many houses as possible in a short timeframe, Hamill Homes puts a far greater emphasis on quality than quantity. By focusing on two or three properties at a time, the firm is able to invest all their time, energy and passion into ensuring both that each project meets and exceeds current and future building control requirements and that each home is truly unique, built entirely around the vision and dreams of the client. As a result, Hamill Homes is becoming well-renowned for its attributes of individuality and a willingness to bring in experts where needed to truly maximise a property’s potential. A potential homeowner does not want to be able to pick their dream home from a generic selection presented to them in a brochure, and Hamill Homes understands this. Their homes, which are each totally distinct, is what makes the firm stand out in the saturated luxury market. They have predominantly achieved this through collaboration with architecture and interior design experts. Inviting them into a project from the beginning to the end, Hamill Homes is able to ensure each of the homes they create are wholly bespoke in every detail, from the lighting to the small power placement to the finishing flourishes of the furnishings. The versatility that comes with offering bespoke designs has seen Hamill Homes work on a vast array of projects over the years, from building a high-end car collector’s private garage showroom, a luxury pool house and swimming pool rear garden development, to full refurbishments of existing homes, pulling them into the modernity of the 21st century. Whilst working Luxury Home Construction Firm of the Year – UK & BUILD Award for Excellence in Home Construction: Queen Acre, Ascot Hamill Homes is the high-end, family-run business committed to design and building luxury family properties that are each exquisitely unique. Led by Kevin Hamill, Hamill Homes specialises in working closely with clients, architects and engineers to create bespoke homes designed around the owner, bringing visions of dream homes to life. As a result, Hamill Homes is celebrating success at the BUILD Construction and Engineering Awards for no less than two prizes, the second awarded to Hamill Homes for their incredible work on the Queen Acre, Ascot project. H Aug20359 on bespoke projects such as these gives rise to a unique set of problems and conundrums, Hamill Homes thrives on the chance to break from traditions. By regularly stepping out of their comfort zone and seeking new methods of design and construction, Hamill Homes is able to provide its clients with a superior product. This is proving particularly true in a project that Hamill Homes is currently in the midst of, a large new build home that the client has requested to be built with a new construction method. As ever, Hamill Homes has used their hands-on approach, which sees Kevin and his team of expert contractors heavily invested in every stage of the design and construction process in order to achieve the client’s desired outcome. The team decided with their client to use Nu-Dura ICF for the main superstructure, which while beneficial in so many ways, can at times present problems, as with any fairly new practice. However, Hamill Homes’ approach to any project is one that strategizes and theorises any potential problem even in the initial stages of planning, therefore enabling Kevin and his team to find a solution before the problem actually arises. This allows the team to stay ahead of work on site and eliminates the risk of any unnecessary costly and disruptive delays. Operating mainly in the exciting and busy SL5 area, Hamill Homes is seeing increased interest in buying customised homes in these areas outside of London, benefiting from the cost savings and escape from the bustle of city life. This is why many of Hamill Homes’ projects have taken shape here, including the award-winning Queen Acre project, and with two more projects currently underway here, it is looking like a promising premise for the firm. With an equal measure of off-plan projects and new builds, for which the firm is looking to acquire many new sites, Hamill Homes is undoubtedly looking forward to many more prosperous years ahead. Contact: Kevin Hamill Company: Hamill Homes Ltd Web Address: Best Concrete Surface Preparation Firm – Canada oronto, Ontario, a global leader of new development, is home to Ground Floor Industries, an unparalleled organisation that has been positively disrupting the Canadian surface preparation sector since 2004. Keegan and John Burke have led the firm to become Toronto’s most trusted source for underlayment, preparation, overlay removal, epoxy coatings, traffic toppings and concrete polishing. Consequently, GFI has worked with Canada’s top developers, general contractors, national flooring firms, forming firms, and national restoration contractors, carrying out their comprehensive services in residential high-rise and commercial buildings across Ontario and beyond. Since day one, GFI has remained committed to its core values of quality workmanship, dedication to clients, consistency on delivery of application, and safety and wellbeing of the workforce. In the sixteen years of operation, these values have seen GFI through a vast number of projects that equate to well over 100,000,000 square feet of surface preparation completed to date. This, in turn, has resulted in the acquisition of unparalleled experience that is used to deliver projects of any shape, size or situation with quality and efficiency. In order to maintain these insights and effectivity, GFI annually invests in research and development to ensure they are always the leading source for surface preparation and, working with such a broad and diversified spectrum of clients, GFI is fully aware of their need to always stay ahead of industry-leading product and equipment manufactures, so that they can always perform to their full potential. To work in such a competitive industry at as high a level as GFI does, it requires a team of experienced, motivated professionals and fortunately, that’s exactly what it has. Every project begins with a comprehensive review of the specifications and expectations of a client. With these in mind, the GFI team can then conduct a site assessment to ensure that every element has been seen and confirmed prior to commencement of the application, assuring that every party involved is aware of current conditions and the capabilities of all repair and preparation. When the project has been awarded, the GFI project management team then works in collaboration with the client to ensure success and the skilled workforce performs its duties in accordance with the client’s requirements. There are many methods of application, one in particular being full flood underlayment, which uses a Darby finish floor plate and then floods the floor with self-levelling material to create a uniform flatness across the entire floorspace in one day. This is a technique that GFI has evolved and perfected as part of their efforts to increase efficiency in their service. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the high-rise construction industry in Toronto did not stop, and as such, GFI continued working on its projects. Faced with many challenges, GFI had to adapt quickly and implement further stringent safety guidelines and protocols. Schedule demands did not change even faced with a global pandemic. This is where GFI shined, the quality and efficiency didn’t waver even with the changes and logistics while onsite. All 40 high-rise projects in GFI’s repertoire continued to be built and with this, GFI showed up to complete the job. Their customers have upmost trust in GFI and they take this very seriously. This resilience and commitment to business even in the face of adversity such as a global pandemic bodes well for GFI, as they look to take their national brand international. With high targets set and the road to achieving them already underway, GFI has attained double digit growth in less than two years and is showing no signs of slowing. Investing in training, technology and collaboration with manufacturers and clients, the future looks bright for GFI as they continue to maintain their proud position as the leaders of the Canadian surface preparation sector. Contact: Keegan Burke Company: Ground Floor Industries Inc (GFI INC) Web Address: T Since 2004, Ground Floor Industries (GFI) Inc. has been a pioneer of the surface preparation sector in Toronto, Ontario. Led by Keegan and John Burke, the company has grown to become the largest and most trusted source for services in underlayment, surface preparation, concrete polishing and much more besides, earning them a role in some of Toronto’s largest, high-profile projects, forty of which were in 2020 alone. With a set of skills, expertise and reputation that is unrivalled in the industry, GFI is, as a result of conscientious investments into the future, growing to new and exciting heights, proving itself one to watch. Aug20405