2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 98 Best Residential Development Management Firm – Victoria & Best Multi-Residential Project (Australia): Spring Malvern In the beginning, Shepherd Consulting Group was born out of the need for development and construction management services on boutique projects that required the same professionalism that is expected on larger, commercial projects. As part of our overview of a selection of this year’s Construction and Engineering Awards we profile the group to learn more. ince its inception, Shepherd has quickly grown to be relied upon for many sectors of the property and construction industry. The Shepherd team is built on more than 50 years of experience in the property and construction industry, and as a result the firm is able to advise clients on every aspect of their development project. Thanks to this exceptional service and support, the firm is able to ensure that the best value management strategies are executed to maximise client’s savings, and increase their total revenue while upholding the design integrity of their vision. This experience, and the team’s in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, is the key strength of this dynamic company. The firm’s team can provide detailed development management strategies to clients using their network of industry leading experts in finance to secure them the best loan, real estate experts to find opportunistic off-market development sites, and town planning experts to maximise ROI on the project site. This strategy is backed up by in-depth feasibility studies to ensure that the property the client wants to invest in will yield a healthy return. One example of the success of this approach is a development in Alphington, north of Melbourne, where the original project had a permit to build a 4-level apartment building. Shepherd devised a way to maximise site potential by using the resources in their network and turned the development into a successful 8-level apartment building; effectively doubling the development potential and leading to a 100% increase in total revenue before construction commenced. On another project in Melbourne’s inner-west, the client was struggling to secure a loan, with 9% interest being the best rate possible from private lenders. After Shepherd was brought onboard, they used their broker and financial planners to secure a loan with an interest rate of only 4.5%, leading to a total saving of $81,000 before construction. S When working on any construction project, Shepherd provides superintendent services, ensuring that all works are completed in accordance with mutually agreed contract terms. They manage tenders and share intimate knowledge of the building industry to assist the client in finding the best builder for the project. During construction, Shepherd is adaptive and takes a solutions-focused approach when problems arise, capable of delivering results that favour all stakeholders. During the construction of Spring Malvern, Shepherd managed to reduce $500k in variation costs from the builder to $200k, saving the developer $300k. Similarly, at a boutique residential build in the affluent suburb of Kew East, a whopping $500k was sitting in provisional sums for the owner-occupier client. Shepherd was able to manage the build efficiently, saving the client $100k in project costs; meaning that Shepherd’s service provided was fully paid back. Looking to the future, with a range of new challenges property investors are facing in Australia’s current property development climate, seeking consultation with Shepherd at any stage of the project has become more vital than ever. Throughout the coming years, Shepherd Consulting will be able to advise clients on the best way to navigate the tumultuous waters of the property sector in order to produce the best return on their investment possible. Company: C. Kairouz Architects / Shepherd Consulting Group Contact: Adam Trpcevski Website: ckarchitects.com.au & shepherdconsult.com.au