2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 97 e-struct engineering consultants: Best 3D BIM Engineering Specialists - Victoria Any construction project can be costly if not done right, and so ensuring that everything is perfect before work commences is important. Enter e-struct engineering consultants, an Australian company who specialise in expertly crafting 3D models of residential, commercial or industrial projects. Seeing a project come to life on screen before commencement on real-world work can help give clients that much-needed peace of mind. Find out why BUILD has awarded them best 3D BIM engineering specialists in Victoria as we examine the company. ince the company’s formation nearly twenty years ago, e-struct has always had the primary motivation of using the best engineering principles to achieve, present and explain the design for every client and project. The firm offer services in structural and civil engineering, as well as energy rating and sustainability assessments. The structural and civil engineering services offered include work on structures, drainage, sewerage, infrastructure, swimming pools & water tank, and forensic. Using 3D BIM technology, e-struct are highly skilled in delivering top-quality concepts for new homes, extensions, offices, retail, protection works, infrastructure developments, and even portable structures. Structural engineering projects are often the results of a large conglomerate of skilled operators and deliverers who come together to bring a project to life. Whilst client minds may immediately travel to the hands-on building aspects or exterior design firms, the conceptualisation process begins much earlier and is vitally important. The work of e-struct is focused on bringing the best technology tools to the table to create detailed 3D models of construction projects before any work actually begins. In the last few years, e-struct has strived to become outstanding in its skilled proficiency with 3D BIM engineering, and it has revolutionised the business as a result. The firm has recognised that a key challenge presented to construction is to make the technological jump from 2D drawings to 3D structures and models that can be digitally navigated. For construction firms, being able to have a model that can be navigated is invaluable. S Working alongside project managers, architects, building designers, builders, and owners, e-struct consistently demonstrate the usefulness of 3D BIM in any project and for any client. In client meetings the firm can demonstrate how structural changes need to be implemented, ensuring that all partners are on the same level of understanding. Associates then learn how to manipulate their designs or building process, conceiving new direction and cost-effective strategies as a end result. Dialogue is improved by all parties throughout the conception and construction process, as the technology gives all those involved a much deeper understanding of project goals. Instead of working with a multitude of plans spread across large amount of papers and perspectives, e-structs skills allow for effortless gliding through designs with the movement of a cursor, revealing how a project comes together. Not content to be the best 3D BIM engineering specialists of today, e-struct have also created a group called e-struct Junior Engineers, designed to encourage kids into embracing their inner engineer and scientist. The group aims to encourage science, technology, engineering and mathematics skill development, whether by building LEGO, drawing, conducting scientific experiments, or navigating building projects in programs such as Minecraft or Roblox. In all, E-struct’s success has seen how 3D BIM unlocks the experience of civil & structural design. The presentation of a three-dimensional model is only a small part of the construction process, but a vital one. Using the latest innovative technology to create invaluable 3D models, this consulting engineering firm are at the heart of ensuring that every project meets the clients needs. Company: e-struct engineering consultants Contact: Christopher Rozycki Website: www.e-struct.com.au

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