Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 35 Best Premium Perimeter Security Company - NSW towards working on such a prestigious project. “We completed many stakeholder meetings during the SOH project to ensure the client was aware of the areas we had to complete in a tight timeframe to offer as little disruption as possible. This was achieved by staging the works and ensuring we performed the works in a timely and efficient manner and always met the deadlines. Efficient and frequent communication was obviously a critical factor and is a discipline we maintain on all our projects.” And the Ezi team continues to work with many state and federal government departments to protect Australia’s major capital cities with hostile vehicle mitigation solutions, both practical and compatible for crowded public spaces and urban landscapes, whilst maintaining the utility and public enjoyment of these spaces. This is a sector that is growing rapidly, due to recent global and local events featuring vehicles being used as a weapon, killing and terrifying innocent civilians. Particularly as society advances beyond the imposition of lockdowns and cessation of public events in crowded spaces during the past 30 months of the pandemic, ASIO and the ANZCTC have not shifted Australia’s terrorism alert level from ‘probable’ for several years. Asked what the prevailing ‘probable’ outlook means in the context of today’s environment very recently at an industry briefing, the response from ASIO’s spokesman was, “Based on current intelligence, we expect a major critical terrorism inspired event will inevitably occur in a crowded public space within Australia this year”. Troy comments, “The threat of violent antisocial behaviour in crowded spaces cannot be expected to diminish for the immediate outlook, and Ezi Security will maintain our vigilance and determination to mitigate this risk at every opportunity.” This means that Ezi has many exciting projects on the go, with a couple of exciting ones that it will complete this year including Luna Park Melbourne and Melbourne Cricket Club. As a business, it is finding there to be more requirements daily for protection of crowded spaces, so it will remain focused on addressing the threat of violent antisocial behaviour in these spaces. Company: Ezi Security Systems Contact: Troy Donnelly Email: [email protected] Website: zi Security Solutions’ key personnel share decades of unique experience as practitioners of security systems technology, including application engineering and delivering customer solutions. This is in addition to unflinching adherence to excellence when it comes to critical deadlines, with clients continually coming to it for solutions where anything short of excellence is not an option. Ezi provides such a service to government authorities at federal, state and local levels, encompassing the highest risk categories for Defence and Australia’s Overseas Missions, as well as public and private corporations local and international, stadia, and crowded public places, defending Australia’s people, property, and way of life. Ezi has become the dedicated public safety partner for many urban development projects up and down the east coast in recent years. It has designed and supplied systems comprising static and retractable bollards, crowd control barricades, crash tested hostile vehicle fencing and barriers, urban furniture, vehicle gates, and more to address the threat of violent antisocial behaviour in crowded places. The company has earned a deserved reputation of being capable in implementing performance certified, robust hostile mitigation solutions, whilst maintaining the intrinsic aesthetic language of the sites it protects and adding an elegant ambience via security. It recently completed a challenging hostile vehicle mitigation installation project at the Sydney Opera House (SOH). As one of the contemporary wonders of the world attracting millions of visitors every year, the largest challenge Ezi faced was maintaining pedestrian access during installation of the barriers. The SOH was compelled to have the project completed as fast as possible with minimal disruption to patrons. The project was accomplished on time and within schedule and budget, resulting in one of the most elegant array of high performance HVM bollards anywhere in the world, at one of the world’s most renowned, elegant vistas. General Manager of Ezi Security Systems, Troy Donnelly tells us about his team’s approach Ezi Security Systems (Ezi) designs manufactures, and installs a premium range of perimeter security solutions for both vehicle and pedestrian access control, with specialised expertise in hostile vehicle mitigation and protection of crowded spaces. With core competence established over almost 30 years, Ezi Security Systems provides innovations of its own invention, and via alliances with undisputed world leaders in its field, it delivers sophisticated solutions at the leading-edge of global technology. E Aug22603