Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 34 Meanwhile, Declan is developing his skills through his work with the company. Joining Western House Developments in 2019, he has cut his teeth in a plethora of areas, delving into management, accounting, contracts, and much more. He is also working towards a BSC (Hons) in Building Surveying, which will further bolster his skills and secure his understanding of the industry. It is the duo’s tenacity and knowledge that have allowed the business to thrive in spite of the many challenges impacting the industry. The past few years in particular have been an especially turbulent time for companies across the nation; covid, political instability, and the looming recession have made operating difficult for many. Western House Developments has noted issues with staffing, rising build costs, and supply chain issues, and each of these have left their mark on the business. Yet these hurdles have not held Western House Developments back; it has several plans in the works for the upcoming year. For example, the company hopes to further expand, growing the business to deliver a greater selection of services and to create more homes across the East of England. It will not, however, compromise on its values in order to leverage this growth – Western House Developments will continue to prioritise the industry, quality, and, of course, the clientele that enabled it to blossom. Contact: Declan Marron Company: Western House Developments Web Address: hat makes the perfect home? The answer is, of course, subjective and wholly dependent upon the location, the surrounding environment, and the buyer’s unique taste. However, Western House Developments has mastered the art of developing homes that exude comfort, character, and class, no matter where they’re situated. Each build is bespoke, taking into consideration the client’s needs and wants in order to create a property or development that embodies innovation and creativity. In essence, Western House Developments has achieved the impossible – tailored, personalised perfection. From small-scale projects to high-end new builds, Western House Developments boasts the know-how and skills to create quality, going so far as to operate as both the main contractor and developer on all of its sites. Such outstanding standards are evident throughout Western House Development’s portfolio, including its most recent project. The company transformed a former grammar school into a development of 11 luxury homes, complete with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Much of Western House Developments’ ingenuity stems from its leadership team, which is comprised of the family team of Tony and Declan Marron. Over four decades of experience informs Tony’s choices as the Owner and Director, he has secured and worked on various projects across the south and east of England, with his resume including Grade II* restorations and modern design. Moreover, he has worked on a range of property conversions – such as barns and chapels – and recently acquired a civic award for his work on a riverside development. Conversions, renovations, and new builds are all in a day’s work for Western House Developments. The family-led property development company’s unique portfolio lends credence to its excellent reputation, which it has gained through hard work, determination, and resilience. W Jul22427 Best Family-Run Property Development Company - East of England & Business Resilience Excellence Award 2022 Western House Developments