Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

BUILD Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 88 urban infrastructure which will determine how the German urban metropolitan regions could become carbon-neutral in 30 years’ time. Security and data privacy is at Mulytic’s core. It simplifies security with built-in controls and detects threats early on with unique intelligence. It deploys and enforces effective security policies against attacks such as brute force, sniffing, host- based access, and theft of password databases, and is also a strict advocate of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure transparency regarding user sensitive data. Ultimately, Mulytic creates confidence in organisations worldwide and empowers them to make better, faster decisions, with its commitment to excellence, open mindset approach, and unfaltering ability to meet customer needs. Company: Mulytic Labs GmbH Contact: Dr Rubaiyat Sadat Email: [email protected] Website: Jun21773 ulytic Labs’ goal is to build the next generation big data analytics solution for the world’s top tier automotive and energy companies, using the most cutting-edge technologies. Its team of industry experts includes product managers, product and solution designers, and data architects who are passionate about building innovative products, software and solutions for its B2B and B2C clients. The company practices iterative methodology (lean start-up, lean enterprise), agile project management, and excels at large-scale orchestrated delivery and quality with the help of state-of-the-art technology stacks. With its squads, it serves customers in mobility (Daimler, Renault, Audi), logistics (Hermes, DHL), and energy (Mercedes Benz Energy) industries, and their spin-offs. Founding Chairman, Dr Rubaiyat Sadat said, “When introducing disruptive technologies in the automotive and energy sectors, I assumed my corporate responsibility. Working with a loyal team to pave the way for a green and clean future is my inspiration, motivation and mission. My mission is to have consumers of electric vehicles in the smart energy world experiencing electric vehicles through sustainable and scalable technology solutions that can achieve safe, net-zero carbon dioxide emissions and the use of renewable energy as fuel.” Mulytic understands its clients’ needs and wants and always takes the time to understand the distinct demands that each faces. It is currently developing a comprehensive IT infrastructure, ‘The Munich Electrification Project’, which will make all relevant data concerning energy management accessible through a cloud platform. This means that stakeholders will be able to gain access to, along with optimise, the data while ensuring strict data privacy and cybersecurity. It is through this project that Mulytic has been focusing on helping accommodate for scale, accessibility, and optimal utilisation of data following the rise in demand for renewable energy in Munich. The project’s ultimate goal is sustainable Best Energy Focused Web and Mobile App Development Company 2021 Established in 2017, Mulytic Labs GmbH, a member of Nash Investment Group, is a data-driven company which provides smart IT solutions to enhance public and private sector operations, with the automotive and energy domain being its specialism. Headquartered in Munich, its strategic business unit is in New York, and development and operations hub is in Dhaka. M