Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 BUILD 87 Jun21708 95 believes in responsible and sustainable architecture which revolves around the client’s requirements. There is no detail it neglects, nor problem that it does not anticipate. It promises to develop its clients’ projects with passion, taking their visions to the next level and carefully crafting each project with the highest quality materials and for the best available prices. It is a company that wants its clients to be an active part of the decision making process in their projects. To do this, it uses BIM virtual reality software to visualise the project and improve design communication, enabling the client to preview and immerse themselves in their project. 360º panoramas let the client see what their project will look like early on in the process as if they are right there in person, wherever they are in the world. C95 has many clients who live outside of Spain, where the company is based, and it is important that they are able to participate from the very beginning of the project, communicating their needs, tastes and required functionalities for the project, as well as providing approval for design. The software also works as a collaborative tool which allows landscape architects, urban planners and architects to work together simultaneously. The whole team can handle internal workflows and work with clients to transmit ideas, make decisions and communicate a project in high quality, from all angles. C95 BIM Director, Maria Pascual said, “I always include every part of the project into my thinking process, allowing for a more encompassing approach.” In the end, it is all about delivering the project in the language of the client, so they know all the details of their project from the very beginning and can have input regarding whether the design meets their vision. C95 has always been clear throughout the design process, always anticipating the needs of the client and offering the best service. Company: C95 Creative Contact: Irene Ibisate Email: [email protected] Website: C Best International Architectural Design and Procurement Studio - Spain C95 Creative is a global architecture, design and procurement studio headquartered in Madrid, with offices in Los Angeles and Miami. Striving to create clients’ dream spaces with innovation and passion, it operates in a multitude of territories including the USA, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the Dominican Republic and Caribbean, Kurdistan, and Europe.