Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 BUILD 59 Jun21610 n 2020, the world changed overnight in the UK. Suddenly, people were shut in their homes, unable to move freely from place to place. While the situation has significantly since then, the shutdown of hotels and online booking platforms caused great problems for those in the construction industry. As one of the few sectors able to keep operating continuously throughout these difficult times, the logistical challenge of ensuring that workers had accommodation in the right places was one which needed to be overcome quickly. Comfy Workers quickly became a name recognised throughout the industry as an Airbnb for companies with workforce teams, offering a service that is truly personal in every respect. For the last year and a half, Comfy Workers has supported clients of every variety. Whether it’s two people on a short, week-long project or an entire workforce in the high tens for months at a time, the team have quickly come to understand the market and the best way in which to operate within it. In a short period of time, Comfy Workers has become a key collaborator for many businesses, thanks to their unique and personalised service. The construction industry has always faced challenges of unplanned labour shortages and project timeline changes, but the increased difficulties imposed by isolation have made these problems even more difficult to face. Comfy Workers has built its name on overcoming these challenges, acting as a single point of contact for all accommodation bookings. No matter what is required, this is a team that will pull its resources together to ensure that the job gets done. The success of Comfy Workers comes from their unique workflow and their private network of hosts. Instead of working through other organisations, Comfy Workers has developed its own direct relationships with various options across the country. As such, they can secure significantly better deals for their clients, saving them a lot of money when they have to work away from home. During lockdown, this skill was invaluable, and it has proven to be a vital tool during the staycation boom over the last summer. While tourists flock to holiday destinations, the Comfy Workers team have been able to secure accommodation for all those who need it. It can be especially challenging to find places to stay in rural and coastal resorts, as teams struggle to compete with a general public eager to go and spend some time in leisure. It is clear from the firm’s incredible success that their services are not only in demand, but will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. As a new business, there is enormous potential to increase the pool of client partners and the team has lots of plans to improve their ability to find accommodation faster. Perhaps what is most clear is that the Comfy Workers team have a passion for the needs of the client and an innate ability to adapt their methods to suit their unique circumstances. It’s an approach that has been the secret behind their incredible success in such turbulent times. Company: Comfy Workers Name: Greg Dorban Email: [email protected] Web Address: I Best Accommodation Provider 2021 – UK The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way in which every business operates, with new and unique challenges having to be overcome. For many workforces, the difficulty has come from finding places to stay, meeting stringent criteria and even more stringent budget. The team from Comfy Workers has filled this new gap in the market with aplomb, earning success in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2021. We take a closer look to discover more.