Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

BUILD Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 58 ince 2001 Place Design Group have created great places through a commitment to quality and collaboration. Now on their 20th anniversary, this employee-owned Australian planning and design practice are celebrating this legacy and the opportunities which lie ahead. Creating a wealth of knowledge that expands across Asia Pacific, their experiences, and diverse teams have enabled them to embed community identity with international knowledge into everything they do. Through commitment to quality and innovation they’ve created great places that contribute to a brighter and sustainable future for cities and regions. They have always practiced a collaborative approach to the way they work, embracing design culture and planning insight with a focus on creative thinking as well as innovative practice, industry engagement, and strategic influence. Place Design Group has expertise across a wide range of sectors including Residential Communities, Hotels and Resorts, Retail and Commercial, Urban Renewal, Planning and Public Policy, Parks and Public Realm, and Health, Aged Care and Education. With this breadth, Place Design Group boast an extensive track record of quality projects that continue to stand the test of time. Through their work, Place Design Group has become national and international award-winners in sustainability of land management, place strategy and activation, as well as Best Landscape Architecture & Planning Firm 2021 - Asia Pacific, allowing them to partner with businesses regardless of location. Together, Place Design Group and their clients can understand and celebrate the importance of the spaces they work and maximise their potential through innovative and sustainable design that champions both aesthetic and functionality. All of this has led to transforming spaces into truly breath-taking and exceptional places for towns, cities, and communities. In Best Landscape Architecture & Planning Firm 2021 - Asia Pacific Any size project needs a team of people who can come together efficiently, effectively, and respectfully. When creating something bespoke and unique, it is important to work with a team of people who have a deep background of specialist knowledge. Place Design Group is one such team, that together has achieved success at this year’s Construction and Engineering Awards. S Jun21419 Australia, the spotlight and attention has shifted to coastal and regional areas. Place Design Group are seizing this time to ensure not only innovation is considered but driving design and development that protects the natural assets of these precious destinations. With growth happening at a rapid rate, their focus as designers of place is to ensure their creations are developed in a sustainable and considered way. Whilst so much has been achieved, Place Design Group always have one eye to the future. Their team’s passion and focus to push the boundaries and strive to achieve the remarkable is sure to hold them in good stead as they take on their next 20 years of creating great places. Link to 20 year video Contact: Holly Sheward Company: Place Design Group Web Address: