Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 BUILD 21 By being a specialist glass processor based in North Yorkshire, it is able to reach a wide variety of clients with a plethora of needs and desires. Located near the heart of the UK, North Yorkshire can reach into the centre of the country as well as to the coastal line. Whether you want someone to come and transform your space, or simply do it yourself, you can rest assured that you will get the best finish with Northallerton. You can go and look at its showroom to see its proudly displayed products that are on offer to its customers. From its bespoke kitchen splash backs to its tailored and made-to-measure tabletops and shelves. It has also produced a variety of plastics as well as its cut-to- size glass to produce the best finish to any of your projects. Window films, shower screens and doors aren’t a problem for Northallerton and with its etched glass, double glazing units, and huge range of mirrors, there is something for every job. This is so that you can easily create the space of your dreams and desires, for a fair and decent price. By creating the best quality of walk-on glass, Northallerton is producing happy customers everywhere. Its most recent project is that of walk-on glass in a large, impressive building in Wales. Unfortunately, planning would not allow an extension above ground, but two new rooms were added below ground level, and they needed a lot of light to flood into the rooms. This is where Northallerton came in. Because of the way its walk-on glass is installed, light can pass through the flooring, allowing for a fresh, open, and luminous experience in each of the rooms. By adding walk-on glass to the rooms, it opened up the space and made the rooms look three times larger than the original size, without altering the appearance or size of the property. Although Northallerton is based in North Yorkshire, the team travelled to Wales to install all of these panels as well as completing everything on time. This is another example of how the team will go above and beyond for customers. The industry is facing major supply shortages and issues due to COVID-19, Brexit, and raw material challenges. All of these aspects have put a lot of pressure on businesses across the market, but Northallerton is still keeping busy and plans on expanding even more once things have settled. By continuing to experiment with its refining and manufacturing processes, as well as designs, colours, and installation systems, Northallerton is growing and expanding on its already deeply experienced nature. No matter what your needs are, there is a product for you. So, from mirrors to double/triple-glazing, doors, to balustrade systems, fire resistant to walk-on glass, and much more, there’s a creative solution to all of your projects. After all, if you’re looking for a reliable company, competitive prices, top-quality customer service, and the highest- quality materials for each and every one of your missions, Northallerton Glass is here for you. Contact: Liam Spencer Company: Northallerton Glass Website: /