Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

BUILD Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 20 Jun21361 Walk On Glass Provider of the Year - UK ince 1985, Northallerton Glass has produced some of the finest walk on glass products for clients all over the UK. By offering a full service, Northallerton Glass takes all the stress away from the entire experience. Every job that it takes on is approached with fresh eyes and top-quality skill set. With so many years in the industry, Northallerton have learnt a lot during their time. By having a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable experts, it is able to offer the best customer service support and solutions for the customer’s needs. Designed and installed by a team of experts, Northallerton Glass’s unique selling point is that it takes a fully comprehensive approach to each of its projects. With its professional service and diverse portfolio, it is able to address all projects from small to large on the scale of mass production. Not only does it offer its services at a competitive price, but it also provides free quotes for all of its existing and potential customers. Its excellent customer service support is centred around its team of pleasant, positive, and professional individuals who want to make a difference to every project that Northallerton takes on or simply supports. With its technical expertise and many years in the industry, its infrastructure is able to form a buttress for any customer to lean on and benefit from. It even had one of its products featured on Channel 4, which is a huge achievement meaning it could reach more of an audience, from a different angle. It prides itself on its approach to every customer and project. By being so knowledgeable and informed, it can be extremely helpful in its assistance and productions. It can advise on how and where to take measurements and it offers a full digital survey with CAD drawings for full clarity and accuracy, thus ensuring a perfect and seamless fit. Toughened, laminated walk-on Glass is a modern twist to flooring that encourages light to bounce playfully through each room. Your rooms can have interesting and beautiful flooring that encourages a more spacious look from corner to corner. People install walk-on Glass throughout their properties for a plethora of reasons and, with Northallerton Glass, you can find the best design for your space. S