Construction & Engineering Awards 2018

7 2018 Construction & Engineering Awards Build More than just aesthetics, Rigby & Rigby’s research and development team work collaboratively with the architectural and interior designers to produce striking, considered and intelligent designs, with lifestyle and wellbeing considerations at the forefront of their thinking, as well as taking into account the latest architectural and interior design trends. Whatever the client needs, Rigby & Rigby delivers every project from concept to completion, with impeccable execution and superlative style, to the same rigorous high standards - every time. We are also committed to using the finest handcrafted materials, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled attention to detail. The company regularly collaborates with leading industry specialists and partners with leading brands to ensure the very best solutions are found and implemented for their discerning clients. Looking to the future, there are many challenges ahead for firms operating in the construction space. The UK property sector is facing challenges as a result of Brexit, and house buyers are questioning the softness in the property market and the impact of Brexit negotiations on house prices. Stamp duty further increases to a buyer’s caution when purchasing a property in the UK, whilst skills shortages in the industry cause many problems for homebuilders. Ever dynamic and innovative, Rigby & Rigby view these challenges as opportunities, and will work hard over the years ahead to overcome them and continue to offer their high-quality services to their valued clients. The firm embraces a younger workforce and is working to introduce a range of apprenticeships and internships to drive greater participation and increase the skillset of its future workforce. This development, alongside the firm’s ongoing focus on excellence, will help Rigby & Rigby to continue to achieve success for many years to come and build a legacy of quality homebuilding for future generations.