Construction & Engineering Awards 2018

Build 2018 Construction & Engineering Awards 12 ocally owned and drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in the remodelling space, Buckeye Basements offers bespoke solutions tailored to meet the needs of its clients and ensure that no two basements are ever alike. Leah outlines how the firm aims to provide a service that will meet each individual clients’ requirements and exceed their expectations. “At Buckeye Basements, our motto and mission statement is: ‘to transform our clients’ dreams into realities while adhering to their individual needs, providing them with superior remodelling services at competitive pricing, while maintaining our commitment to honesty, integrity, safety, and the highest of quality standards.’ “As such, every project is designed and constructed according to the client’s needs. In fact, Jonathan Smith, Co- Owner and VP of the company, either designs or oversees the design of each project. Since he also personally does the framing on the vast majority of our jobs and has worked on over 1,000 basement projects himself, this gives him a unique perspective into the realm of basement remodelling and ingenious ideas for a finished basement that an average sales person may not envision. “To ensure the success of every project, we interview the clients first to establish their vision for the proposed space. This includes identifying their wants versus needs for the area, working within their desired budget, so they can obtain the ‘biggest bang for their buck’, as the saying goes, and making recommendations for options that they can implement to improve the use of the space not only now, but also for potential future buyers of the home, if they were ever to sell. So, for instance a growing family may want a play room and an additional family room at this time. By adding an egress window in the play room, this will allow them to utilize that as an extra bedroom down the road or for resale purposes. Adding a kitchenette (which is great for entertaining guests now) and a full bathroom, could turn a current entertaining space into a mother-in-law suite, etc. Prior to construction, computerized renderings of the overall layout and often 3D renderings and detailed specification sheets are prepared and provided to the clients for review. This goes a long way in helping them envision the final look of the proposed space.” Best Basement Solutions Company 2018 - Ohio Buckeye Basements, Inc. is a remodelling firm that specializes in basement finishing and remodelling in the home improvement industry. Here to showcase the excellence that has helped drive her firm to success in this prestigious awards programme is Leah Smith, who tells us more about the company’s service offering and client focused approach. L CE180041 Company: Buckeye Basements, Inc. Contact: Leah Y. Smith Address: Ohio, USA Phone: +1 (740) 368-5888 & 1-888-390-5888 Website: