Construction & Engineering Awards 2018

13 2018 Construction & Engineering Awards Build Whilst basements pose many challenges, Buckeye Basements works alongside the client to create something truly spectacular. Leah discusses how this is achieved in more detail, outlining the trends and specific issues she and her team see on a regular basis and how they incorporate or overcome these. “Basements in general often present their own set of remodelling challenges, as they tend to be more susceptible to moisture than the higher levels of the home. Also, they are often limited on ceiling height, due to a vast amount of HVAC ductwork that is spread throughout the ceiling area, and they tend to have less natural lighting and smaller windows than are found throughout the rest of the upstairs. “Here at Buckeye Basements, we have overcome those obstacles by requesting that the clients ensure that there are no moisture- related issues prior to starting construction and implementing waterproofing techniques where necessary; by utilizing metal studs (rather than traditional wood studs) in our framing, which will not rot, rust, or warp and can better withstand the higher moisture content; and by relocating ductwork and conserving ceiling height wherever possible. We maintain all necessary access to shut-off valves and carefully conceal them behind custom panels or vent covers. We finish with drywall and match the doors, baseboard and casing to the upstairs of the home, for a seamless transition into the lower level. Additionally, by installing ‘egress’ windows where possible, this allows additional natural lighting, coupled with the dimmable, recessed canister lighting that we install throughout the lower level, for the perfect ambience. To give our clients peace of mind and ensure compliance, we obtain building permits where necessary for the remodelling work and abide by code restrictions and local municipality regulations.” Overall, Buckeye Basements has a bright future ahead of it as the firm continues to support clients and create unique spaces they can cherish, as Leah concludes. “Ultimately, turning a basement into a living space ranks among the top 10 remodelling projects. At Buckeye Basements it is our pleasure to assist clients in this area and transform their lower level into a beautiful, yet functional space that the whole family can enjoy for years to come.”