Architecture Awards 2023

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 18 York, with further success in the Paris Design Awards in the same year, and in 2021. “Several of the studio’s projects have also won awards in European design and architecture competitions. The studio was nominated for the Premio Nacional do Imobiliario, Portugal’s highest award in the Office Premises category, in 2021.” We’ve firmly established that Galant I.D. has secured an indelible reputation in the industry through a consistent ability to drive towards incredible creativity and dynamism. Yet, let’s take a look closer still at the portfolio on which the studio has built its foundation. With houses, apartments, hotels, offices, hospitals and restaurants among its works, it’s clear that the firm embraces challenge and variety. “Building a house is not only about the appearance and location of the premises. Space is not limited to interior design and furniture arrangement. The owner’s mindset, how sunlight enters, the angle of the roof, and the ergonomics of movement for you and your guests or clients are all part of the architecture and design of the space. The work of creating space is, first of all, the creation of a single volume of you with the surrounding world and nature.” “Together with our customers we create a future space for working, for living, for business, for relaxing, for comfort, for spiritual relations with outside world,” Yaroslav continues, detailing the mindset and approach that defines the studio. This project involved a family country house, inscribed in a mountain range and integrated into the natural landscape, created for summer and winter holidays. The spacious hall welcomes guests and their friends with a large front staircase made of metal and referring to the classic palace staircases. Dining area with open kitchen and large dining table with five chandeliers Zaha Hadid design. The other wing of the house is used for gathering the whole family around the fireplace, accompanied by gentle sounds of alant I.D.’s portfolio, in many ways, speaks for itself. Partnered with the studio’s catalogue of accolades and awards, Yaroslav Galant has proven himself to be a force on the larger industry, renowned for pushing boundaries and expectations equally. As Founder and Chief Designer, Yaroslav has endeavoured to create spaces that explore space, form and function, utilising technology and traditional methods to tread new ground, and set benchmarks. Here, Yaroslav begins by describing some of his most recognised works. “The studio’s daring projects frequently catch the attention of international media, being awarded the “Golden Arch” in 2008 for his design of a shipping company’s office in Odessa in the category “Public Interior. Hotels. Offices.” I was also honoured with the “Domus Design Magazine Choice 2008” award, and work frequently with the hard high-tech material DuPontTM Corian®, with which I created the unique furniture collection “Ukrainian Patterns,” which was first shown at the MKTM-2010 exhibition, showcasing traditional Ukrainian ornamental embroidery on a solid Corian surface. This project was recognised by the National Register of Records of Ukraine for the project’s 164,000 holes and 14,000 m of threads. “The one-of-a-kind collection was also shown at the Milan Design Show in the spring of 2012, where I represented Ukraine. The project was similarly recognised by international experts as one of the brightest and most original projects in the Milan design week programme.” Over 2012 to 2015, Galant I.D. worked in Ukraine across a variety of prominent projects. Many of those were included in core industry publications such as Crazy BQ and Rambutan. “In addition, the Bite & Go restaurant was featured on the leading architecture website DesignBoom. In 2015, the studio was awarded a contract to construct a restaurant in the heart of Lisbon. During our time in Portugal, we received orders for the construction and implementation of new projects, the majority of which were later awarded at design and architecture competitions and symposiums. The studio’s work will continue in its new home in Portugal,” Yaroslav adds. But the accolades only keep coming, and in 2020, the studio received a gold statuette at the Mus Design Awards in New Yaroslav Galant has long been held as one of Europe’s most exceptional designers. As CEO and Founder of Galant I.D., Yaroslav has impressed and flourished in the industry through an ethos defined by innovation. On the back of his dual recognition in the Architecture awards programme, we spoke with Yaroslav to find out more. G Mar23617 Most Innovative Architectural Designer 2023 (Lisbon): Yaroslav Galant & Mountainside Residential Project of the Year 2023 (Portugal): Monterey House Monterey House, Private Residence Location: Serra de Estrella, Portugal Galant I.D.