Architecture Awards 2021

72 BUILD 2021 Architecture Awards Jun21657 Most Creative Interior Design Company - Florida & Best Hospitality Interior Design Project (Florida): Hiyakawa Bea Interiors, designers of bespoke interiors and exteriors for all types of project and client, is a company forever advancing forward on its climb to the top of its industry. It specialises in modern, practical, and stunning spaces that fit perfectly around its client’s livelihoods, meeting and exceeding their expectations in order to create outstanding work and a meaningful communication between designer and client. ith a dynamic and diverse portfolio of both interior and exterior design work, Bea Interiors is an expert at residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. In each of theses categories, it has created exemplary work that has cemented it as a darling of its industry and a pleasure to work with for its clients, its Miami Design District based team working hard to develop interiors and exteriors that reimagine a client’s space to perfection. Led by Bea Pernia – and having found its start in 2012 – the company’s ambition is to turn its client’s spaces into areas that reflect their lifestyle, personality, and aesthetic goals, ensuring that it will enhance and better their quality of life in every element. Furthermore, as it reaches its decade milestone, its name has become synonymous with elegance, creativity, quality, and individuality. It has applied its creative and inspired work across all manner of builds with all manner of functions to the form, working hard to conceptualise and furnish multimillion-dollar private homes and condominiums. Additionally, Bea Interiors has cut its teeth on boutique hotels, commercial spaces, hospitality concepts, and more, creating spaces that ‘stimulate the eye, stir the soul, and meet its client’s needs well into the future’, having all end users and guests commenting on the stunning nature of the space into perpetuity. One of the elements of its business model that has secured Bea Interiors above its competition is its meticulous attention to detail. No matter the build, no matter the client, and whether it has been provided a strict list of specifications or not, it will pay each individual element a rigorous amount of attention in order to assure quality, holding itself accountable to the highest possible standards. Fundamentally, this has allowed it to create immersive environments, using a wide range of bespoke materials and luxury fabrics, evoking the motion of water and guiding the eye. Bea Interiors has been recognised in Miami for its work in hospitality design in particular. Furthermore, its staff is its key to success for this company, each of whom contributes something invaluable to the W process. Having such an exemplary team of leaders, creatives, problem solvers, and artists across its project management, administrative department, designers, public relations, and more, each person lends a fresh perspective that is invaluable to giving its work a breadth and depth of vision. The working environment it cultivates is one of fast pace, but constant support, an atmosphere which was more pivotal than ever during the trials of the pandemic. Moreover, during the outbreak, its supply lines were severely impacted – an impact that pushed back deadlines and delayed projects – but it responded by modifying designs so it could move forward, working with its clients for the best possible solution. On the other hand, it also saw a demand increase on its services due to more people than ever making their home the hub of their entire lives, seeking to reimagine this space to better suit this. The good work it has done is not just limited to its clients, either. It has built FEMA safe constructions and helped with home renovations across the US and the Caribbean, helping those impacted by hurricanes Irma and Maria, and offering to help design strategies in order to increase the resilience of homes in at risk areas. Additionally, it has won a multitude of awards for its efforts, and worked on projects such as the ROC Luxe Hotel, with more such as the Crudos Fusion Art in Coral Gables and Casa Ya’ax to open before long – even planning to release its bespoke furniture collection, ATUS, soon. Company: Bea Interiors Design Contact: Bea Pernia Website: