Architecture Awards 2021

71 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD Most Sustainable Modern Architecture Practice - Thailand Enter Projects Asia is an interior design and architectural design firm operating out of Thailand. Over the time it has been in operation, it has made a name for itself by way of exemplary services that support and empower local artisans and their crafts, pushing the design industry as a whole to be better to both the social context in which they operate, and the environment they draw resources from. ounded in 2001 by Patrick Keane, Enter Projects Asia was set up following the founder’s graduation from Princeton, earning a Masters of Architecture. He practiced in both the US & Australia, before moving the business to Thailand in early 2018, taking his expertise with him and kickstarting Enter Projects Asia using his passion and education as the backbone of the company. Presently, they offer a full range of services from master planning and consultancy services to full architectural work and design, as well as interior design, implementation and beautiful bespoke furniture that has become a favourite service to its clients. Additionally, its founding values set it apart from its competition. Enter Projects Asia believes first and foremost in the fusion of technology and empathy, creating projects that are both innovative and powered by ingenuity, that fit the local context with ease, providing a legacy that will remain with a family for generations. It also doesn’t believe in simply holding to sustainability on a surface level. Enter Projects Asia knows that in order to truly serve a modern market, sustainability and environmental responsibility must permeate every element of a build from start to finish, and a design company must be able to show the client exactly where and how this manifests. Therefore, Enter Projects Asia has ensured that environmental corporate responsibility has been a core principle since the F beginning. From the ground up, it incorporates ecological awareness into its business operation and design process, showing its clients that interior and architectural design can be effective, stunning, and conscientious. To this end, its most recent project has been an Art Gallery and collector’s residence in Chiang Mai – Northern Tahiland – and required the installation of a large display of antique silverware that the collector was particularly proud of, needing over 500 metres of space and a comprehensive design. Moreover, in this project specifically the challenge for Enter Projects Asia was to create a journey for visitors that would guide them through the story of the exhibit. It used 3D modelling to evoke the fluid shapes of clouds and steam, using rattan to bring designs to life by employing local artisans with 5 generations of skill, providing work for a struggling art form and encouraging the upskilling of more apprentices in the craft, something Enter Projects Asia takes great pride in. In addition, it educates its industry on natural, local materials, leading by example when it comes to using these sources instead of imports or synthetics. In April 2020 Project Rattan was launched to aid the power of this movement: the focus remains creativity in the work, cutting edge technology such as 3D printing, the use of local, natural materials by local, skilled craftsmen and aligning itself with likeminded contractors to form an ethical network. Additionally, they are excited to be working in South East Asia at a time where there is a huge historical interest in the region, as well as noting the ever-evolving nature of the skyline and constant need for forward thinking Architecture. As it moves forward towards the future, Enter Projects Asia is excited to grow the Protect Rattan initiative, helping to support the community’s local craftsmen. In addition, they will be continuing to push into Europe, with a rattan installation for a logistics headquarters in Belgium, working on Masterplans for a site on the coast of Malaysia and a creating designs for a low carbon footprint eco-resort in Thailand. Company: Enter Projects Asia Contact: Juilette Eve Website: Jun21098 Spice & Barley, Riverside Bangkok