Architecture Awards 2021

48 BUILD 2021 Architecture Awards May21213 Best Emerging Architecture Practice 2021 - West Africa & Most Innovative Luxury Villa Project (West Africa): Oikos a - Villa Patio For some architecture is a way of producing a unique design, one which could not be found anywhere else in the world. For the team behind MOST Monti Studio, it is a way of collaborating with others at every level. From contractors to clients, this is a team which approaches every project with the desire to build a better future and address the challenges of tomorrow. We profile the firm in the light of this extraordinary success. ased in Dakar, MOST’s young and innovative architecture office has quickly become a name to be reckoned with in various African countries. The team’s approach to architecture is built on the idea that from concept to construction, everyone must be on the same page and working towards the same goal. It’s an approach which has certainly paid off, with some stunning creations developed under their care. Part of the process that the team have had to work on is the idea of an African architectural identity. MOST proposes a third way forward, using the concepts and techniques of contemporary architecture around the world, but making it work in a way that is unique to the continent. The shape and function of the project guide how it develops, ensuring that what the MOST team create is not only entirely appropriate to the region, but entirely unique to it as well. Standing out in this highly competitive market is not an easy task, but the MOST team make it look easy thanks to their incredible skills of design. Their award-winning project, Oikos a-Villa Patio reflects many of their defining instincts that sets them apart from the crowd. It is inspired by the concept of Patio. In Senegalese culture the patio, the space “between” the street’s exposure and the room’s intimacy, is an essential element of local life and culture. It’s a safe meeting place for all members of a household to talk, relax and engage with the community. The design innovatively places this key aspect of Senegalese culture right at the heart of the design. It creates a protected B environment and filter between the street and the room. In short, it is an opening around a closure. The success of the team at MOST is due to their hard work and diligent commitment, but they have been able to take advantage of a long period of growth in the housing and construction markets. This growth can be seen not just in Senegal, but across sub-Saharan Africa in general. Unfortunately, this has led to much unregulated town planning and the construction of buildings not suitable for the use of people. When the team at MOST are involved, people are always at the heart of their designs. Houses are not just things to build, but places for people to live in with a clear purpose. The future for MOST looks bright indeed, with an active presence in three countries already, despite their relatively new entry to the market. The people of Senegal, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire have already benefitted enormously from their work, with the team planning to reach out to other countries not only in Africa, but across the European and American continent. It would be a welcome inversion of the norm, with African companies and studios carrying out projects in Europe and America, offering their unique perspectives for the benefit of all. This ambition for growth, while remaining committed to an African mindset, is how the team at MOST Monti Studio have been able to thrive, and why they will continue to do so moving forward. Company: MOST Monti Studio Name: Mirco Monti Email: [email protected] Web Address: