Architecture Awards 2021

47 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD Best Boutique Residential Architecture Firm – USA & Best Modern Rustic Residential Design: Texas Ranch – USA Farmer Payne Architects, a boutique residential architecture firm with studios in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Sun Valley, Idaho, and Shreveport, Louisiana creates beautiful custom homes, luxury residential architecture, cutting-edge commercial architecture and interior design. uided by the fundamentals of design, the firm thoughtfully creates spaces and forms that enrich the lives of their clients. Quality, simplicity, and personal collaboration have composed their core values since the inception of the company in 2017. The firm has several great custom residential projects currently in the works. As everyone is seeing a rise in building costs and higher demand for materials, they have proven true that their relationships with their clients, builders and project team have never been more crucial. They are taking steps to help mitigate the challenges that come with rising building costs by priotitizing certain aspects of the project and focusing on dialing in design elements. As a result, they are able to place orders and organise logistics to avoid increasing costs while still staying true to quality and design intent. G Taking a panoramic approach to the entire process, Farmer Payne Architects works through the phases of design using multiple tools to help them meet the needs of their clients and showcase their vision. The team is highly creative in the beginning, utilising imagery, hand sketches, form exploration and material boards. With every meeting they learn more about their clients and how they can enhance their lives with the spaces they create. Creativity and inspiration drive the team’s work ethic. They ground themselves in a fundamental approach to the design process while remaining flexible and hospitable to the needs of their clients. Farmer Payne sees it as an honour to create someone’s dream home and is passionate about constructing these special places. Clients feel the difference working with Farmer Payne Architects, as the process is personal. This past year has inspired a move to the Mountain West, with a focus on expansive homesteads and fostering a work-life balance. This new era of modern pioneering in search of a life reimagined brought an immense amount of opportunity to the firm. They have had the opportunity to push the envelope and create timeless designs that stand out in the community. Farmer Payne Architects has grown rapidly over the past year and it has been fortunate to add several talented project managers and started offering interior design as a service to complement its architectural services. They are excited to be able to offer design for the entire home and see their work come full circle. Company: Farmer Payne Architects Contact: Scott Payne Email: [email protected] Website: May21183