Architecture Awards 2021

20 BUILD 2021 Architecture Awards May21646 With over 20 years of signage design and installation experience, Ziken is a full-service signage contractor and consultant specializing in environmental graphics, branding, architectural signage and custom fabrication. It services clients nationally, focusing on execution of any size, any type of project, and its industry partners and resources share the same vision of delivering high-quality signage consistently. Ziken thrives on the “never been done before” while focusing on principles rooted in teamwork, collaboration, hard work and paying attention to the details of each project. he founding core principles of Ziken have not changed, but it is a company that has grown to realize that its scope of work is most successful when changing its thought process from “subcontractor- minded” to “project management-minded”. Communication, coordination and understanding of the entire scope of the project, not just its own elements, enables the team to work more efficiently, effectively and transparently alongside each trade partner involved within the project, resulting in an overall better end result. Ultimately, Ziken’s mission is to bring value to every project by utilizing its core values and processes, which involve ensuring each customer’s experience is positive from development through installation; treating every opportunity with precise execution, transparent communication and respect; and having fun while working on each project. With a range of prestigious projects in its portfolio, Ziken has most recently completed the environmental graphics and branding package for Pepsi Co. in Chicago, IL. The project consisted of various signage, glass film and custom architectural components. The majority of these components were one-off, never been done before and completely customized to the environment; artificial turf and faux plant wrapped walls, custom metal fabricated partitions with resin cast bottle ends and a 30’ x 20’ illuminated image of Michael Jordan integrated into a metal fabricated screen wall, to name a few. The biggest challenge on this project was in setting the expectation of its trade partners and communicating them back to multiple teams. Each component required coordination with other trades where the work they performed directly impacted the outcome of Ziken’s product. Its project management team T needed to adapt to constantly changing jobsite components, documenting those changes, communicating with its internal team to ensure that the final product was installed on time and correctly. The project was completed flawlessly while meeting the tight deadlines set on the project. The scope of work challenges the Ziken team every day. It is proud to be a company that can execute any graphic or branding design project with excellent communication, but its greatest challenge is maintaining its supply chain. The company relies heavily on its supply chain which has been established over 20 years. As these specialized fabricators are selling or closing, Ziken needs to fill the void, and although automation is beneficial in some cases, it does not help in singular customized fabrication. Ziken has had difficulty maintaining pricing and finish expectations over the years with newer suppliers, but this has been overcome by maintaining the principles of its foundation. Ziken is building stronger partnerships and expanding its outreach to local supplier and trade partners. Indeed, Ziken creates beautiful signage and graphics that add character and life to every location they are installed in. Whether the company uses solid-cut acrylic letters or shapes, vinyl, glass film, or custom architectural metal fabrication, the results are guaranteed to be perfect and aesthetically pleasing, and all delivered on-time and within budget. Company: Ziken Signage Contact: Erik Woolsey Email: [email protected] Website: Best Signage Design Firm – Midwest USA