Architecture Awards 2020

80 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20422 Most Innovative Architecture & Interior Design Studio 2020 - Milan assimo Magaldi Architetto was founded in 2006 by Massimo Magaldi. Under his capable leadership, the team have been able to take on many projects of incredible variety. Operating mainly in the residential and hospitality industries, the firm has been responsible for some of the most incredible designs in the field. Since the beginning, the teamat MassimoMagaldi Architetto have provided impressive creative and technical services in the field of architecture and interior design. Their work takes sustainable materials and technologies into consideration at every step, which has allowed them to work on many sustainable and smart projects. The future is something that the team takes great pride in, and Mr Magaldi has explained that he would like his work to be appreciated for its vision of the future: a status in which man, technology, nature and memory coexist harmoniously. It’s a bold ambition which underpins every creative decision. The creative process is obviously crucial to the continued success of Massimo Magaldi Architetto, and every member of the team plays a critical role in how the process plays out. All members of the studio are invited to input ideas and concepts, allowing for a broad spectrum of ideas to be at play. Once the possibilities are present, it is possible to develop a theme that ties many of these concepts together in a way that embraces a formal simplicity while having exquisite attention to detail. Many brands have built themselves on the use of formal clichés or the use of a specific material or technique, regardless of its relevance. Mr Magaldi believes this is somewhat gauche, preferring to encourage the interaction between material, surface and light. This attitude has inspired many projects that have transformed a complex situation into an understandable, shared solution that satisfies people’s needs, preserves green sites and stimulates in both a social and economic context. When these designs have been developed, they are presented to the client for feedback and approval. While the team take a great deal of pride in their work, it is always the client’s decision that comes first. Because each project is bespoke, Mr Magaldi and his team can afford to take the time to ensure that their work suits the needs of the project. Every project has its own set of intricacies and peculiarities, so the team have proven themselves adept at adapting to new ideas and approaches. M This ability to adapt, changing to suit the needs of clients, has allowed the team to reflect the growing trends in Italian architecture for a new approach to design and construction. There is a clear need for sustainable, participated and human- sized public and private spaces and this demand has been included in many recent regulations. It represents the standard in every competition. The team work tirelessly to ensure that all of these factors are incorporated into their designs. Needless to say, the firm has been busy over the last few years, with 2020 seeing an impressive workload undertaken by the team in spite of the impact of COVID-19. Already, the team has delivered a Schola Testori flagship store in Mayfair, London, a Jolà restaurant and Sky Bar at The-J Hotel in Jesolo beach, Venice, a refurbishment of an ancient urban villa in Milan city center and two delightful apartments located in the mountains of Celerina, Switzerland. Projects for 2021 are already well underway, with work on a residential building design in the historical city center of Milan expected to be delivered next year. The demand for innovative architecture and design has never been higher, so it’s fortunate that the team at Massimo Magaldi Architetto are always on hand to held deliver a client’s dream project. Company: Massimo Magaldi Architetto Web Address: Milan is the global capital of design and Italian style, with nowhere else in the world coming close to the enviable environment of charm, wonder and beauty. The team behind Massimo Magaldi Architetto embody all of these attributes, applying them effortlessly across disciplines as they attempt to create something truly unique. We profile this astonishing firm to find out more.